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Last updated 21 April 2015

This is a list of links to the best Cartoon Web sites I have found while wasting valuable time surfing.
Just be glad you didn't have to waste your own time hunting the good sites down. :-)

Sexy Losers

Sexy Losers is probably the best of the somewhat "sick" cartoons that is still updated regularly.

The creator is apparently a Canadian living in Japan, and has become a fan of the Japanese animation style, but you don't have to be a manga/anime freak to enjoy his toons.
He's been updating less often as his hand/arm has been having problems (insert self-pleasure joke here).


Scott Adams has made me laugh for years.
Finally, he has his own home page for depositing recent copies of his Dilbert cartoons.
Sorry to hear about losing the day job at Pacific Bell, but I don't think he'll have much trouble paying the bills with his little cartooning avocation. As long as big business continues to do stupid things (and I fear management will never run out inane ideas) Scott will continue to expose how stupid they really are. :-)

Space Moose

This has gotta be my favorite "Underground" comic strip.
It basically follows the exploits of Space Moose
(a Trek-geek college student who is a cross between a Groening drawing and Bullwinkle).
One or two of them don't make sense to people not familiar with the goings-on at the University of Alberta, but good humor
(note that I did NOT say "tasteful") can be found in just about every week's strip.
Adam took a long sebatical from creating strips, but was back with new ones in 2003.
He now seems to be out of the cartooning business, so all there is is the archives.


Ctrl-Alt-Del has its moments and the artwork isn't horrid. Check it out.

It's a four-panel strip with new toons drawn several times a week, and has been around since October 2002. And it's in full color!

Spiked Math

The artwork isn't the best, but Spiked Math always makes me grin.

Most of the cartoons will make sense if you have a basic education in mathematics. Every once in a while, the humor will wander into Physics or Computer Science.

Bob the Angry Flower

The artwork isn't the best, but Bob The Angry Flower still has some pretty good humor.

It's it black and white and can get fairly cluttered, but check it out nonetheless.

Penny Arcade

Penny Arcade is updated a couple times a week and can be hit-or-miss. The theme is computer gaming and it has been around since November 18, 1998.

Most of their strips are in color and can be good for a laugh if none of the other web-toons have been updated lately.

Cafe Angst

This is probably the second best nationally syndicated strip around (just behind Dilbert).
It follows the characters who work and/or hang out at a cafe.
Every few months, the cafe seems to have a new "theme gimmick", so the writer ( Bjordahl Irvine) can use a whole new set of jokes.
You'll notice a bunch of side-jokes taking place in the background (headlines in the newspapers people are holding, the sign that the homeless guy outside the cafe is holding, etc).
Unfortunately, this site recently was removed from the web (the final cartoon was drawn on August 2 1997). I'll keep an eye out in case it returns. Let me know if you find an archive!

Calvin and Hobbes

I remember a time when Dennis the Menace was actually funny. Peanuts was funny once upon a time, too. Even though I'd have a hard time believing that Family Circus, The Far Side, or Nancy were EVER funny, cartoons like Garfield and Bloom County have been the funniest thing around for 4 or 5 years, only to fall into routine. This is what I fear was starting to happen to Calvin & Hobbes. It had a good run of being very funny, and there is very little in the papers that can claim to be more consistent in being funny, but it DOES appear to be headed downhill... Bill Waterson has said that he will no longer do the comic strip after 1995. I applaud him on his decision to go out before he fizzles out.

Here's some good news, though! United Press Syndicate has decided to start re-running old Calvin & Hobbes cartoons once a day on their website. Now you can catch up on any that you might have missed!

Another great site to check out is www.CalvinAndHobbes.com


SinFest can be funny at times and is updated often.

They have been running since January 17, 2000. Check them out.

You Damn Kid

You Damn Kid has been drawn somewhere between daily and weekly since it first appeared on March 1, 1999.

Sluggy Freelance

Sluggy Freelance isn't really one of my favorites, but other people seem to like it.

I'll include it in case it appeals to other people's tastes.


Sabrina is a 'cutsey' little comic about some sort of animal names Sabrina. It isn't laugh-out-loud funny, but is a well-drawn black and white strip that is never really bad.

It has been around since September 1996.

Acid Reflux

Acid Reflux isn't updated any more, but a good time can be had flipping through the archives.

Everything Jake

Everything Jake has been drawn almost every day since April 10, 2000. It's black and white, and the humor is hit-or-miss.

Something Positive

Something Positive has been drawn since December 19, 2001. It has pretty goof artwork and is drawn in color. Check it out.

Kung Fool

Kung Fool is a Flash comic drawn in color. I'm not a big fan of Flash and have it turned off to avoid the full-motion ads that many sites are plagued with.


Wasn't Garfield a lot funnier before the merchandising deluge of the 1980s?
Nevertheless, here is a place where you can get the Garfield strips online. They have the current strip as well as the past two weeks' worth, so there's no two-week delay like you used to get with Dilbert.

And when you view it online, all the strips are in color--not just Sunday's!


If Archie Comics are more your style, there is web page with the current strips from Riverdale as well.

Fags In Space

Words can't describe Fags In Space.

Playboy Cartoons

Yeah, I know. You read it only for the articles.
Well, if you do, you've missed the best part!
Oh, and you also missed the best of the Playboy Cartoons.

Political cartoons

If you were looking for animated-type cartoons, there are more links on my television page.

The rest of these I'm just gonna throw out there. They are lesser-know cartoons, comics, etc:

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