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Last updated 21 April 2020

DBS/DSS Satellite

Always wanted one of those 18" dishes with the good sound and great picture? Here's more info on DBS/DSS. The only reason I didn't have one is that I'd need nine receivers (since you can't record one channel while watching another).

  • DirecTV
  • TurnerVision is one of the few BUD service providers that doesn't make you purchase a "package" of useless programs (CourtTV, Discovery, etc) along with the channels you want
  • 4Dtv will be nice for us Big Ugly Dish owners once they put some of the normal channels in the digital lineup
  • Other Satellite info

    Unfortunately, the house I just purchased isn't in an area served by cable. Well, it's unfortunate that I don't have easy access to the shows I enjoy--I won't miss the cruddy picture.

    If the house hadn't already had a BUD (big ugly dish) installed, I would have put in a DSS system. They are much nicer than the BUDs for several reasons: Now that I've totally offended an entire group of which I've just become a part of :-) here's a list of other satellite web pages:

    The Networks

    Other Broadcasters

    Other local television stations (some available via satellite)

    Other local radio stations (some available via satellite)

    Online TV Guides

    Other Misc Sites

    Movies Audio/Video Television

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