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People have told me they've found this web page and then spent the next 24 hours non-stop looking through everything.
Some people need to get a life, eh?
Especially since about half of the pages haven't been updated over ten years and half the links are broken.

Well, bookmark this site anyway, as I plan to update it as soon as I can find some free time.

Since one vanity site wasn't enough, I registered the domain GrandTheftOtto.com where I've gathered just about every type of game and and collected it in one place. Whether you like video games, crossword puzzles, sudoku, poker, Monopoly, ot Yahtzee--there's somethnig for everyone there!

load this image Here's the newly crowned ECW World Heavyweight Champ Jerry Lynn posing with me and his new belt. Click on the thumbnail for a larger picture.

load this image Freebander sent me in a nice snapshot of manager and color commentator Joel Gertner standing in front of my Hack-Man.com sign at the October 2000 ECW Pay Per View in St Paul, Minnesota. Click on the thumbnail for a larger picture.

load this image Here's a picture of me and Debra's puppies. She was married to Steve "Mongo" McMichael (who was in the SuperBowl with the Chicago Bears before turning to professional wrestling) and then wrestler "Stone Cold" Steve Austin. Click on the thumbnail for a larger picture.

=================== you REALLY wanna load this image! =================== Oh, here's a pictue of me with Miss Minnesota (Crystal VanDenBerg). Click on the image to see a higher quality scan. Apparently she's a bit of a wrestling fan. It figures the one time I go to a wrestling card looking scuzzy I'd meet her. ;-)
Photo credit: Tim Larson

=================== you REALLY wanna load this image! =================== The perks of being a hardcore wrestling geek keep paying off. Here I am partying with Diamond Doll Kimberly and fitness celebrity Torrie Wilson on November 1, 1999. Click on the image to see a higher quality scan.
Photo credit: Kyle Wolf

=================== you REALLY wanna load this image! =================== And here I am with Nitro Girls Chae (my favorite) and Spice on February 28, 2000. The quality bites because I had my camera set on "motion GIF" so it took a series of low-res pictures instead of one high-res picture. Click on the thumbnail for a larger picture.
Photo credit: Otto Heuer

Click on the link at the bottom of the screen to visit my Wrestling web page to view all the pictures from the ECW PPV, WCW shows I've been at, and a lot of indie shows.

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The previous location of OttoWorld had over one million hits, with the majority coming from the Star Trek page and the main Pro-Wrestling page.

In the month of December, 70946 people visited this website.

Thanks to everyone who has visited my various web pages, bookmarked (or better yet, added a link to) this site, and passed the word along to others!
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