Hack-Man Pro-Wrestling Lash interview

Last updated 16 January 2000

Before we get to the Interview, here's some Background on Lash:

Real Name: John Mark LeRoux
Height: 5'11
Weight: 225
Hometown: Oxford, AL
Debut: July 25, 1998
Fed: WCW

Question: Lash, thanks so much for joining us today here at WrestlingResource.Com

Lash LeRoux: My Pleasure

Question: Just to start things off, and to get it out of the way, a few of your Female Fans wish to know, are you married?

Lash LeRoux: Oh yeah! I was lucky enough to marry my high school sweetheart. It's funny, because we've been married for two years, engaged for four years before that and I'm only 22. I've been lucky to find happiness so early.

Question: Is it hard to be away from your family for so long?

Lash LeRoux: Extremely, traveling is over half the work.

Question: Speaking of family, do you have any siblings, and are they in the Business?

Lash LeRoux: I have two brothers and two sisters. None have any interest in the business.

Question: Lash LaRue was a 40's Cowboy star. Any relation?

Lash LeRoux: LeRoux is my real last name. SO whenever people heard my name they thought of Lash LaRue. I even got that as a kid.

Question: I understand you have an extensive Amateur wrestling background. Give us the Highlights.

Lash LeRoux: Jr. High State Champ (9th grade) 5th Place State Varsity (10th grade) 6th Place State Varsity (9th grade) 3rd Place State Varsity (11th Grade)

Question: What made you decide to attend a tryout at the Power Plant, WCW's training facility?

Lash LeRoux: Honestly... I went on a whim.

Question: Are the Power Plant and Sarge as tough as we've heard them to be?

Lash LeRoux: Tougher, Especially Sarge (Buddy Lee). They push you to your limit, but there is not a better person to learn from than Sarge.

Question: What convinced you that you will one day be a Wrestling Star?

Lash LeRoux: I've always had to fight for everything that I have So, I don't know how to quit.

Question: Do you have any advice for someone who would want to get into the Business?

Lash LeRoux: Never give up on your dream, no matter what holds you back.

Question: Who is the toughest Wrestler you know?

Lash LeRoux: Benoit, he not only is one of the best technical wrestlers but his intensity makes him almost impossible to beat.

Question: What is your take on Russo and Ferrara, the "Powers That Be"?

Lash LeRoux: I love them. There's an old saying, "If you have true talent they can't hold you back forever." These guys are giving every wrestler a chance to prove their talent.

Question: Do you think they will have an effect on your career?

Lash LeRoux: Yes, and only in a positive manner.

Question: Our Editor wishes to know: What CD's does Lash LeRoux have in his collection?

Lash LeRoux: Everything from Willie Nelson to Limp Bizkit, to Eminem to Louis Armstrong.

Question: And going with that line of questioning, when you have time to watch TV, what is on your agenda?

Lash LeRoux: Charmed, Football, A&E, and Drew Carey

Question: I can't resist asking this. Do you really like Cajun Food, and is Justin Wilson (The Cajun Cook) your Hero?

Lash LeRoux: I love Cajun food and I find Justin Wilson very humorous.

Question: Who is your Role Model?

Lash LeRoux: I have several. Chris Benoit, Bret Hart, Scott, Steve and Brad Armstrong, Arn Anderson, Ric Flair, Ted DiBiase and Bobby Eaton.

Question: Has any one Wrestler influenced you more than any other?

Lash LeRoux: Ric Flair. He is the legend.

Question: Let's play a game. If you could host a PPV, what would you name it, and who would be on the card?"

Lash LeRoux: WCW "Bayou Bash" Rey Jr. vs Kidman (Cruiserweight title) Booker T vs Goldberg (Heavyweight title) New Age Outlaws vs Scott & Steve Armstrong ( Tag titles) Lash LeRoux vs Chris Jericho (US Heavyweight title) Chris Benoit vs Eddie Guerrerro (TV Title)

Question: Shameless plug time. Do you have a Website? Where can your Fans contact you? And do you REALLY wear all the Mardi Gras Beads people send to you?

Lash LeRoux: Yes. LashLeRoux.com, Email Lashwcw@aol.com. Send Beads or Autograph requests with a SASE to PO Box 2002 Anniston, AL 36202.

Question: Give me your Top Ten List of the Greatest Wrestlers of All Time.

Lash LeRoux: 1)Ric Flair 2)Hulk Hogan 3) Bret Hart 4) Bullet Bob Armstrong 5)Harley Race 6) Dusty Rhodes 7) Arn Anderson 8) Dick Murdoch 9) Ted DiBiase 10) Chris Benoit

Question: Lash, it's been fantastic talking to you. I hope we can talk to you again once you win that Cruiserweight Title.

Lash LeRoux: Thank you very much! You can bet on it!