Hack-Man Pro-Wrestling Eric Bischoff Q&A Session

Last updated 21 April 2015

This interview was conducted on 16 September 1996 by Bob Ryder.

Thanks to Prodigy for allowing this excerpt. I figured someone would have posted this by now, but this is a short 30 minute chat Eric Bischoff did on Prodigy, Monday night about 30 minutes before the 2nd hour of Nitro got kicked off.. enjoy!

Question: Will we be seeing more of Tenay.. he's been doing great as an announcer

Eric Bischoff: Yes, we are very happy with Mike and you will be seeing more of Mike Tenay.

Question: Can you give us an update on the Sean Waltman situation?

Eric Bischoff: There is really nothing new. He is in the building tonight. You may even see him on NITRO tonight.

Question: Eric when will the rest of Blood Runs Cold debut?

Eric Bischoff: I think you are going to be seeing more of the 'mortal combat' type characters over the next few months.

Question: Will the NWO's demands strat being met tonight?

Eric Bischoff: That will be addressed tonight. They have a whole list of demands and since they won Wargames they will get what they demanded. That was the deal.

Question: Eric: Last night at FALL BRAWL, being there live, it was obvious that the ovations for Sting and Flair were even larger than the pop at Bash at the Beach for the Hogan turn. Will we see a Sting/Hogan or Flair/Hogan match at Starrcade?

Eric Bischoff: We haven't finalized the matchups for Starcade yet. That is an intriguing possibility.

Question: Are you in anyway upset of Okerlund's departure?

Eric Bischoff: No

Question: I know Terry Taylor worked some recent house shows in Texas and got a great reaction from the fans. Is there a chance we may see him in the ring on a regular basis again?

Eric Bischoff: It's a possibility. Terry would like that and we have discussed it, but we haven't made a committment yet.

Question: Eric, why did the real Sting walk out last night?

Eric Bischoff: He was obviously upset that Luger and Flair and Arn didn't believe him when he said it wasn't him last Monday night.

Question: Will you move Pro, WorldWide or Main Event to compete with RAW if it moves?

Eric Bischoff: I love competition and would reserve the right to move or possibly move or change the two hour show to one hour on Monday and one hour on another night....because I believe in competition.

Question: Could you please comment on your plans to start a "tradition" of stripping the champion every year in November for the WWIII battle royal??

Eric Bischoff: Yes. As I mentioned on the hotline last night, we are going to vacate the World Heavyweight Championship every November 1 and Wargames will become a 3 ring battle royal every year with the winner becoming the new World Champion.

Question: Eric- What do you think of the rumor Jim Ross started (probably thru McMahon) about Razor Ramon and Kevin Nash? and do you think they will use 'imposters', if so what affect do you think this will have on your ratings?

Eric Bischoff: I'm not worried about it.

Question: What is Mean Gene situation?

Eric Bischoff: Gene is no longer a part of WCW and we wish him all the best in his future endeavors, whatever they may be.

Question: How do you get your hair like that each and every week and do you have any tips for Vince?

Eric Bischoff: A lot of hair spray, a half a quart of jell, and a really good mirror.

Eric Bischoff: I think Vince took himself off of RAW so he could stay home and watch NITRO on Monday Nights.

Question: Eric, will we see Rey Misterio Jr vs Juventud Guererra in the near future? ::hoping::

Eric Bischoff: Quite possibly. That would be a great matchup.

Question: Will Mike Tenay be filling the Gene Okerlund role in WCW television (interviews, PPV ads)?

Eric Bischoff: He'll be picking up some of Gene's duties but not all of them.

Question: Great job on the Fall Brawl: War Games Success. Now to my question... Are their anymore AAA Superstars headed to WCW?

Eric Bischoff: Yes, but I wouldn't be able to name them right now. Our relationship with AAA is going to expand significantly.

Question: Eric, in the late 80's WCW created the future of wrestling in STING, Luger, Windham, and Pillman....when we see tomorrow's stars Wright, Kidman, Eddy, and Jericho make a big impact in WCW?

Eric Bischoff: It takes a long time for talent to make a big impact. I think over time the Chris Jericho's and Chris Benoits, Malenkos, Guerrero's etc will become the stars of WCW. It's just going to take some time.

Question: Eric- Mention the Prodigy Chat tonight on the air! I think using the Cobra/Sting angle kind of reuses an old WWF angle involving Marc Calloway. Do you think the fans have had enough of 'imposters'?

Eric Bischoff: I think the fans are absolutely sick of imposters.

Question: Eric- Will Diamond Dallas Paige be entering the nWo? and what are you plans for him in the near future?

Eric Bischoff: It wouldn't surprise me if DDP eventually became part of the NWO given his past relationship with Scott Hall and Kevin Nash.

Question: Eric- How stupid do you really think the fans are...Didn't Bill Watts pretty much lose his job (get demoted) finally, when he and Jim Cornette wanted to to an angle EXACTLY like the NWO gimmick, only with Smoky Mountain Wrestling?

Eric Bischoff: I don't think fans are stupid at all. Quite the contrary, I think wrestling fans are pretty savy and difficult to please. I don't know of any plans that Watts that had with Jim Cornette to come up with an angle like the NWO. Watts' relationship with WCW ended for a variety of other reasons.

Question: Will you allow Ted Dibiase to co-host

Eric Bischoff: That was one of the demands that the NWO laid out, that he gets the opportunity to color commentate. I guess he'll get that opportunity.

Question: There's a rumor going that Jim Crockett will be the NWO president, and will someone still have some ownership of WCW, is that true?

Eric Bischoff: No

Question: Eric Will we be seeing more of "Lionheart" Chris Jerico

Eric Bischoff: Yes, much more. He is an excellent athlete and a great addition to WCW.

Question: What is the situation with Scott Steiner-how serious is his injury?

Eric Bischoff: Scott Steiner has what I believe to be a herniated disc in his back. It's a little early to tell how serious the injury is, but we are concerned for him.

Question: How are Liz and Savage doing after what happened last night at War Games?

Eric Bischoff: I think Randy Savage probably experienced the ultimate embarassment of his professional and personal life. I haven't had a chance to talk to either of them.

Question:Why was Mene Gene Fired?

Eric Bischoff: His contract expired and we chose not to renew it.

Question: Reports are that NWO merchandise is very popular, don't you think it's true that Hogan is bigger than the sport?

Eric Bischoff: Hogan thinks he's bigger than the sport. As near as I can tell it's NWO merchandise that is selling, not Hulk Hogan merchandise.

Question: Is there any chance of bringing Jim Ross back into the family, remembering he was apart of NWA

Eric Bischoff: No

Question: Eric- How does Bret Hart fit into a nWo angle? If he were to ente the WCW would he be part of the 'Outsiders"?

Eric Bischoff: I wouldn't care to speculate on that at this time.

Question: Are you really considering stripping the WCW champion of the title every year, and awarding the title to the winner of WW3?

Eric Bischoff: Yes.

Question: Are nash and hall leaving the WCW?

Eric Bischoff: Nash and Hall are in the NWO and to the best of my knowledge, they intend to stay there.

Question: is it true that you are becoming a part of nwo

Eric Bischoff: I don't want to comment at this time.

Question: where did the road warriors go to

Eric Bischoff: I think they went to Japan.

Question: who come no one came out when the NwO was beating up Randy Savage? I thought the WCW was all together on this.

Eric Bischoff: It appears to me that WCW isn't all together on anything and might be falling apart as we speak.

Eric Bischoff: That's all the time I have this week. Thanks for the questions. I enjoyed it.

Bischoff: That's all the time I have for tonight. Thanks as always for the questions. I love you guys!