Hack-Man Pro-Wrestling BodyDonna Interview #1 Page

Last updated 4 December 1999

Skip and Sunny BodyDonna Interview

from AOL

BodyDonnas: Sunny: Buenos Noches WWF Fans, this is Sunny direct from beautiful Cancun, Mexico.

Question: Several members would like to know if you are married or if not, are you an item?

BodyDonnas: Skip: No, we are not married. But we've been together for almost 6 years.

Question: Rafi 16 would like to know why you two hate out of shape people?

BodyDonnas: Sunny: Take a good long look in the mirror and you tell me a good reason for having compassion.

Question: Ed4321 would like to know how you felt being beaten by Barry Horowitz three times?

BodyDonnas: Skip: It drove me crazy. But everyone knows he didn't win fare and square.

Question: Another member would like to know if Sunny would ever consider getting in the ring?

BodyDonnas: Sunny: I've been in the ring on two separate occasions in Smokey Mountain Wrestling. But it's not in my future plans in the WWF.

Question: What about the Horowitz/Hakushi thing? How do you plan on handling it?

BodyDonnas: Skip: Two idiots doesn't necessarily make them smarter and maybe I'll whip Rad Radford into shape and have him watch my back.

Question: CrowsR1 would like to know how you feel about Bill Watts taking over?

BodyDonnas: Sunny: Probably one of the best things Vince McMahon ever could have done is to hire Bill Watts. I think he is a genius in the old school of wrestling and I think a little bit of old school as well as discipline is exactly what this crew of talent needs.

BodyDonnas: Skip: I'm sure in time you'll all hate Bill Watts as you would hate a tough coach, but he'll make us winners.

Question: Another question for you Skip: What is your reaction to the loss against Marty Jannetty?

BodyDonnas: Skip: I took Marty Jannetty lightly because he hadn't been around for a while and he was in better shape then I thought.

Question: Is it true that you may not be with the WWF much longer?

BodyDonnas: Sunny: That is totally false. Neither of us have any plans to leave the WWF. We are both very happy with what we are doing.

Question: What are your views on WCW, and would you ever consider going?

BodyDonnas: Skip: I think competition is good. While I love working with the WWF, I'm sure I can't stay here forever and I would like to be loyal but you always need somewhere to work.

BodyDonnas: Sunny: My loyalty remains with Vince McMahon but when ties are broken, WCW could be an option.

Question: Another member would like to know if Sunny ever plans on releasing her own Calendar?

BodyDonnas: Sunny: I hope as soon as possible. Please write as many requests to the WWF so it can happen.

Question: Patman107 would like to know if Hillary Clinton is still a role model of yours?

BodyDonnas: Sunny: Yes. Wouldn't the President of the United States be anyone's role model?

Question: Kujo7 would like to ask Sunny why she doesn't get away from that 'loser' Skip?

BodyDonnas: Sunny: First of all -- he's not a loser. Second of all, there are no plans to leave him anytime soon. Third of all, you don't have a chance.

BodyDonnas: Skip: Thanks hunny!

Question: TDigreg21 would like to know if Skip plans on bringing Brian Lee to the WWF as a tag partner.

BodyDonnas: Skip: If anyone can find him, I'll give it a shot.

Question: NFVampi would like to know how the Body Donnas stay in such terrific shape?

BodyDonnas: Sunny: A little bit of "R&R" in Cancun does not hurt. Try getting your fat, ugly, out of shape bodies into the gym, lift a weight instead of a bag of chips and stop being such pathetic human beings.

Question: What's going on between Shawn and Sunny?

BodyDonnas: Sunny: Shawn is just another example of a human male that cannot resist a women like me. He wouldn't have a chance in hell for a shot with me -- unless he cuts his hair.

Question: Another member would like to know how long you've been wrestling and how did you get started?

BodyDonnas: Skip: 9 years and I started when I was 14. I got involved with my grandfather who was a wrestler.

Question: Skags14m would like to know what you sleep in?

BodyDonnas: Sunny: A pair of Victoria's Secret underwear and a white Calvin Klein night shirt.

BodyDonnas: Skip: And it looks really good.

Question: AUGS42 would like to know when Skip has a title shot lined up?

BodyDonnas: Skip: That's the manager's job. I'm going to take care of Horowitz and Hakushi first. Whoever has the title when I'm done, I'm confident I can beat them.

Question: Why did you tag up with Rad Radford when he has such a pathetic body compared to yours?

BodyDonnas: Skip: He's a good wrestler and I will take personal satisfaction in getting him in shape.

Question: Another member would like to know if Sunny would ever consider posing for Playboy Magazine?

BodyDonnas: Sunny: Yes. If the money was right and Vince McMahon OK'ed it.

Question: Why didn't you wrestle Hakushi? Anyone who fakes an injury is a loser!

BodyDonnas: Skip: I agree. I really was injured and my adrenalin just took over at ring side. In fact, my arm hurts holding the phone right now -- ouch!

Question: SWilson39 would like to know if you have any plans to get Yokozuna on a diet?

BodyDonnas: Sunny: He's hopeless darling.

Question: Ripdig would like to know if you two plan on getting married, and how did you meet?

BodyDonnas: Sunny: We met in high school and one day, maybe, we will think of marriage.

Question: Sunny, how do you feel about Alundra Blazes offer to wrestle you?

BodyDonnas: Sunny: Like I said before, I am not a wrestler and I do not have any future plans to enter the ring with anyone.

Question: Following that up, a member would like to know what you think of Alundra Blayze, as a woman?

BodyDonnas: Sunny: She's a nice girl and I have a great deal of respect for her and what she does. God knows my body would never hold up to the punishment that she puts her body through.

Question: Bofy Donnas, how many hours a day do you work out to get muscles that big?

BodyDonnas: Skip: It's all genetic. I do work-out very hard. But by me telling you it won't help you one bit.

Question: Will Skip ever wrestle The Undertaker and live to tell about it?

BodyDonnas: Skip: What an idiot?! If I could team with Rad Radford and live to tell about it, The Undertaker will be a piece of fat-free cake.

Question: What are Sunny's measurements?

BodyDonnas: Sunny: 36-C, 23, 35. I am 5'6" tall and I weigh 124 lbs.

Question: Skip, who is the toughest opponent you have wrestled so far in the WWF?

BodyDonnas: Skip: As much as I hate to admit it, it had to be that pervert, Shawn Michaels.

Question: Do you ever think you'll be invited to Barry Horowitz' mother's house for Matzo Ball soup, and if you are, will you go?

BodyDonnas: Skip: We were just there for Rosh Hashana.

Question: Les3g would like to know who Skip's trainer was?

BodyDonnas: Skip: Frank Gotch in 1912. If I said my grandfather was a wrestler, think a second... you idiot.

Question: Another member would like to know why you left Smokey Mountain?

BodyDonnas: Sunny: No offense to Jim Cornette, but wouldn't everyone. Actually my run was just about up in Smokey Mountain and when the live event news and my spot as Sunny came up, it was only natural to want a change of pace.

Question: Sunny, several members would like to know if 'they're' real?

BodyDonnas: Sunny: Well, Skip? Feel them and you tell me.

BodyDonnas: Skip: They feel pretty real to me.

Question: I heard online that you would be getting a new Body Donna to join your group. If so, who is it?

BodyDonnas: Sunny: Take a good look at Al Snow. You have to be deaf, dumb and blind to think he could be a Body Donna. He looks more like a Shamoo.

BodyDonnas: Skip: Al is a fantastic wrestler. Just not in the shape that we are in. I'll let out a little secret. The new Body Donna is Ricky Morton.

Question: How do you feel about Gorilla Monsson as the interim president of the WWF?

BodyDonnas: Sunny: No doubt about it. Mr. Bob Backlund could have done a better.

Question: Piper631 would like to know your thoughts about Monday Nitro.

BodyDonnas: Sunny: Yes, we have seen it. Personally we think it sucks. We think an awful amount of money is being spent just to better Vince McMahon and all they are getting is empty pockets.

Question: Skip, who is the one person that you want to wrestle soon other than Barry and Hakushi?

BodyDonnas: Skip: Of course, I would like to put myself and top-talent like Shawn, Razor or Diesel or Bret, but there is just something that makes me want to get my hands on Dick Barberi.

Question: O.J.- innocent or guilty?

BodyDonnas: Sunny: I hope innocent, so maybe I can meet him, marry him and take all of his money.

Question: We'd like to thank Skip and Sunny for joining us Online Live tonight. We hope you can come back again soon.

BodyDonnas: Skip: I would just like to say that as much as I make fun of you fat, lifeless idiots, I love to talk about wrestling. Thanks for having us.

BodyDonnas: Sunny: That goes for me too. Stay cool -- Love Sunny.