Hack-Man Pro-Wrestling Diamond Dallas Page Q&A Session

Last updated 4 December 1999

Prodigy Q&A session with Diamond Dallas Page conducted on 11 December 1996

Question: DDP- are you joining the nWo?

Diamond Dallas Page: As of right now, I have no plans to join the NWO

Question: Page: I've been trying to get an answer from Bob on this one from weeks: what type of cigars do you and Bischoff smoke?

Diamond Dallas Page: A lot of Cubans...but really any good cigar as long as they have a good taste. Why...are you going to buy me some?

Question: Where is Kimberly??

Diamond Dallas Page: Training, working out, right next to me wearing nothing but a tan.

Question: DDP, thanks for joining us here on prodigy. What would you like to accomplish in the future, as far as titles go?

Diamond Dallas Page: I want it all. I worked my ass off, and in a matter of time hopefully I'll be able to get it all. Right now I want the US strap.

Question: Page: At the Vegas airport, you said you and Eddie would steal the show, and to a large extent you did. Will the Starcade match have as much heat?

Diamond Dallas Page: I don't know if the heat will be as intense going in, but I'll guarantee you...he wants it as bad as I do, and we'll be pulling things out of our ass.

Question: who was the guy you used to announce with in fla. you always called him coach....

Diamond Dallas Page: John Heath, and old shooter from way back.

Question: DDP, what are the number of ways you can put the "Diamond Cutter" on someone

Diamond Dallas Page: Right now I've got 50 different ways. Some of them simplistic, some of them mind boggling. By the way...don't miss this Saturday. The Diamond Cutter is the most over finish, and I love the ECW guys using it and giving me even more ways to get into it.

Question: Have you talked to Scotty Levy about coming into to WCW lately??

Diamond Dallas Page: No. Scotty is content where he is. He believes they will go to a PPV and I hope they do....and I hope they draw.

Question: Give me Five!!!! Ah, heck you got me with the Self High Five again..... Thanks for taking time to Chat with us DDP!! I have been a fan for a long time... I would lke to ask you if you have ever wrestled in anohter federation before coming to WCW, or were you mainly a manager? What do you think is the highlight of your career so far?

Diamond Dallas Page: I wrestled as a kid, but hurt my knee real bad. I got out of it and in the bar business full time. I saw the opening while I was part owner of a club in Florida, and had a chance to be a manager. My first match was 5 years ago and 1 month. I had training at the Power Plant for 6 weeks.

Question: DDP Hi it's Georgie from the Wrestling Chaterbox. I'd like to know if it's true that Kimberly will be returning the end of December. Will she be back with you again?

Diamond Dallas Page: As of right now, Kimberly's career is in limbo. She has been told 50 different things. I know they just did a poster on her, though...so I'm sure she will be returning in some capacity. Kimberly also just got signed as the exclusive model for Anthony Liggens a very hot designer in Atlanta, New York and L.A.

Question: DDP, do you know how many years you have left in wrestling?

Diamond Dallas Page: I would say 3 to 5....5 at the most. As long as I feel like I do right now, in the words of Arn Anderson..."I work like I'm 25...that's because I'm 29 again".

Question: I want to tell you that I have been very impressed with you on Nitro lately. You are the MOST IMPROVED worker in WCW in the year 1996. Good luck in 1997. Will you be joining the NWO or Sting and his followers?

Diamond Dallas Page: Thank you very much for the compliment. It's good to see that someone knows what they're talking about. As far as the NWO right now...I don't need anybody. Nobody helped me get where I am. I don't need to jump on their coat tails. I've talked to them but right now I want to be on my own. I definitely don't need Sting...he doesn't know where he's at.

Question: DDP, do you know what the deal is with the Outsiders interfering with your good matches?

Diamond Dallas Page: They are trying to prove a point...that they can help me. I don't need their help. It's something that goes way back between us.

Question: When will someone dethrown the almighty Hulk Hogan !?!?

Diamond Dallas Page: LMAO....your guess is as good as mine. If I slap the Diamond Cutter on him....he will be History!

Question: If you weren't a wrestler, what would you want to be?

Diamond Dallas Page: Elvis

Question: Page: The Piper/Hogan match has been billed as "The Match of the (Insert long time frame here)". What are your feeling on this "battle of the old men?"

Diamond Dallas Page: I want to see it. I appreciate all facets of wrestling. I appreciate everything from Jim Duggan to Rey Mysterio.

Question: After your career as a wrestler is over, would you like to go back to managing??

Diamond Dallas Page: No. If anything, I'll go back to color commentating, and continue to do what I'm doing now.....helping with creative development of young talent just coming up into the wrestling world. People figure if I can do it they have an opportunity. If they have the heart, I'll teach them. If they don't have the heart...I don't have the time.

Question: My friends and I are included in the number of shut-ins who worship everything you say and do in wrestling. Are there any plans for DDP merchandise like shirts or maybe even cigars..? I have got everyone at work using you great sayings like "Too Cool", and "Cooler than the other side of the pillow" and of course "Self High Five"... You are an icon at my workplace!

Diamond Dallas Page: Beautiful....and yes, the DDP shirts are being made right now. They will probably be very close to my logo that I have on the back of my vest. My dad copied the logo and sent me some shirts. They look great.

Question: Is there any truth to the rumor that you are trying to get Raven (Scott Levy) to join the WCW??

Diamond Dallas Page: None at all.

Diamond Dallas Page: Raven knows I would help him do anything he wants to do, but I have respect for Paul E Dangerously, and Raven has been very happy and content in ECW. People assume because we are close friends that I try to talk him into coming here. If I tried, he'd have been here a long time ago.

Diamond Dallas Page: That's if Kevin Sullivan wanted him. Kevin makes all the decisions.

Question: DDP, are you going to win the U.S. title sooner or later? I know you can...

Diamond Dallas Page: You have a keen eye for the obvious, my friend.

Question: You work very well with the Mexican wrestlers, who are quick with their movements. Have you trained in this style?

Diamond Dallas Page: No. I can wrestle with anyone...from Jim Duggan to Rey Mysterio.

Question: If you could face any wrestler in the world, who would it be?

Diamond Dallas Page: When I think about that, I think of the guys I think are the best today...I think mechanically, Scott Hall is one of the best. Shawn Michaels is incredible....Stone Cold Steve Austin is great...Bret Hart....Kevin Nash is the best big man ever....Perfect, Stinger...I think they would all blow the roof off. Guys I click with in the ring like Johnny B Badd and Eddy Guerrero....or should I say Wild Man Marc Mero?

Question: Who is your best friend in the WCW/nWo?

Diamond Dallas Page: Right now, I'm pretty much hanging with myself.

Question: DDP: Who has the nicer house, you or Bischoff?

Diamond Dallas Page: They are both very nice. We live well....we don't live above our means.

Question: Who taught you the Diamond cutter?

Diamond Dallas Page: Johnny Ace taught me a version of it. Steven Regal taught me the Kravate, which is the hold I start out in. Jake Roberts told me to start finding different ways into it, and I did all the work and put it all together. It's not the Stone Cold Stunner, it's not the Ace Crusher, it's the Diamond Cutter....BANG.

Question: I know you have managed or wrestled with Hall and Nash in the past.... Are they really as hilarious as they seem? You should join with them and help them get rid of Hogan... then you guys could rule wrestling.....

Diamond Dallas Page: There's a lot of ego in that room...and yeah, they are that funny ALL the time.

Question: What is your favorite sport to watch besides wrestling, and do you ever watch wrestling?

Diamond Dallas Page: I watch wrestling all the time...I watch everything. I like football...and basketball. I could play any sport...I'm focused on one thing right now...wrestling.

Question: Do you think ECW's PPV attempt will be sucessful??

Diamond Dallas Page: I'm not sure. I don't know if the market is broad enough. I do believe that everyone who is a big fan of ECW will all buy the PPV...whereas nowhere near all the fans of WCW or WWF buy a PPV. The ECW Fan is it's own animal...and I believe they'll all buy. I'd buy it. I buy them all.

Question: Which mexican and japanese workers would you like to face??

Diamond Dallas Page: I'd like to have a match with Mysterio. I'm sure I will. I'd like to wrestle Muta. I've wrestled a lot of Japanese wrestlers.

Question: DDP....if given the chance, would you ever work ECW?

Diamond Dallas Page: No money.

Question: DDP, there has been rumers around that WCW is going to turn you into there "Leader" and have you Diamond Cut the entire nWo is this true?

Diamond Dallas Page: Stop it, you're killing me! I swear I didn't start that rumor. But...If given the chance...I'd hit everyone of them with it...then I'd start my way from Sting on down....

Question: DDP! Thank you for stopping buy, this is the best laughs I have had in a long time... You are the best!! Who were the biggest influences in getting you into wrestling? Also, congratulations, Kimberly is the most beautiful woman I have ever seen! Good Gawd!!

Diamond Dallas Page: You're absolutely correct...she is. My biggest influence to be who I am today would have to be the Assassin (Jody Hamilton) and Jake Roberts. Both gave me a wealth of knowledge that would have taken me 15 years to get. With their tutelage, I've gotten to where I have gotten.

Question: DDP, do you plan to spend your entire career in WCW (Which I hope you do being a MEGA WCW fan). or do you plan to see what else is out there, like WWF?

Diamond Dallas Page: I never rule out anything, but right now...I'm dancin with who brought me to the dance.

Question: Page: What was your role in bringing Hall and Nash to WCW?

Diamond Dallas Page: Zero

Question: DDP, did you ever attempt to work for WWF in your career at all?

Diamond Dallas Page: Early on. They brought me up for a tryout when I was a color commentator...but it didn't work out.

Question: LMAO.... you are the man DDP.. thank you for reaffirming my feelings that you are the best thing going today!!! You are the best speaker we have had yet. Please come back if your schedule allows... Thanks again..

Diamond Dallas Page: Thanks.

Question: Who is the benefactor

Diamond Dallas Page: That is pretty much defunct. It fell through the cracks.

Question: when is your contract up

Diamond Dallas Page: To tell you the truth, I'm not sure....I know it's soon. But, right now....I can't imagine wanting to be anywhere but here. Wouldn't you say?

Question: DDP, if Raven wasn't coming in why did Gene report it on the hotline?

Diamond Dallas Page: Why do those assholes say a lot of things they say...to get people to buy it. I believe 20% of everything I hear, and 10% of everything I see.

Question: DDP- I just wanted to tell you that you and Harlem Heat are the only reason I still watch WCW. I love your style and character. Keep up the good work and invest in some polish for the U.S. belt.

Diamond Dallas Page: Ha....very good.

Question: If Kimberly was offered the right deal would she goto ECW or the WWF with you working in WCW?? (ie Candido/Tammy)

Diamond Dallas Page: Never

Question: Page- What are your opinions on Shane Douglas? You guys have a very similar disposition and if you ever happened to work together it would be a great match.

Diamond Dallas Page: I think Shane is a great hand in the ring. I love to watch him, and I love to listen to his interviews. I'm surprised things didn't work out for him in WWF.

Question: Dallas-Have you seen Stevie and the bWo? What do you think?

Diamond Dallas Page: I haven't seen it yet...but I love everything Stevie does...especially when he imitates me.

Question: Do you watch tapes of any foreign promotions?? Is there anyone who really impresses you who isn't wrestling in the states right now??

Diamond Dallas Page: I watch some Japanese matches...but it's more of a bumpfest than a match. Without the story, a match doesn't mean anything to me. But, boy those guys are stiff.

Question: who is the best wrestler in the world today besides yourselve of course

Diamond Dallas Page: I'd have to say Hall or Nash.

Question: I remember awhile back you wore an outfit which seemed to have a back support along with it. Did you have a weak back, and if so has it improved?

Diamond Dallas Page: Yeah, I did have a weak back when I started...but now (knock on wood) it feels great. I get lots of massage and adjustments, and electro-accupuncture today.

Question: Page: How much of the booking we see on NITRO is "on the fly" and how much is planned way in advance? Is the general storyline set with minor "on the fly" adjustments?

Diamond Dallas Page: I'd say they put a lot of hard work into what they do...but NITRO allows a lot of what Dusty used to call "sitting on a lightening bolt". You really never know what will happen. Our booking committee is the hardest working booking committee on the planet. Those guys pump out over 500 hours of programming a year. Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Clashes, PPVs, Worldwide programming. Think about it, Seinfeld doesn't do 24 hours a year. Now tell me how great the booking committee is.

Question: Where you orignally scheduled to win WW3?

Diamond Dallas Page: I went in going to win WW3. What happened happened...now on to the next match.

Question: DDP- You and Steve Austin get the biggest heel pops in the business. Why do you think the fans dig you so much?

Diamond Dallas Page: It can't be because I'm always telling them to stick it up their ass. It must be because they appreciate how far and fast I've come in the business...how hard I work. I'll be at the Power Plant tomorrow and I'm always working on something new. Steve Austin is on the road constantly improving. He's improving interview wise all the time. When I think that he has been working 3 years longer than I have, and we are close to the same level, I think it's a major compliment. Steve is one of my favorite people to watch right now.

Question: Page: Why is it I just have this funny feeling that you're one of the nWo's charter members.....and you'll be adding another title to the stable at Starcade?

Diamond Dallas Page: I've heard so many different versions of what I'll do...between Prodigy, AOL, CServe, and hotlines. Somebody's gotta be right.

Question: self high five! DDP...what are your feelings on Shawn Micheals?

Diamond Dallas Page: I'm glad he's going back to who he is. That 'candy ass trying to please the fans BS' attitude was hurting him. Now he's back to who he is, and he'll be over again. It doesn't matter if you are a heel or babyface...it matters that the people pop for you.

Question: Did you see Buh Buh Ray Dudley's backdrop into a diamond cutter? It was awesome and well worthy of ripping off your move unlike Stone Cold's version.

Diamond Dallas Page: Stone Cold isn't doing my move...he's doing his own. Buh Buh is gonna love Saturday Night....and since you're here...I'll let it out. I'll be footnoting Buh Buh Ray.

Question: Who is your favorite wrestler to watch? Also, who do you want to face at Starcade? Eddie or Benoit?

Diamond Dallas Page: Like I said...Steve Austin is one of my favorite to watch. It doesn't matter if it's Eddy or Benoit. Those guys are incredible. They want it...they really want it...but I want it more.

Question: I hear a hot of wrestlers calling what they do a job, but you sound like you have fun at it, do you?

Diamond Dallas Page: I wouldn't be doing it if I wasn't having fun. It's the best thing and the worst thing I've ever done. As long as I'm healthy, I'm happy.

Question: When your opponent does not speak English, how hard is it to work a good match?

Diamond Dallas Page: It really doesn't matter to me....because I can wrestle. For every move, there is a countermove. It the guy is the s***s in the ring, I'll just eat hi up.

Question: Hey DDP how does it feel working with 2 of your old friends those being Scott (Razor) Hall and Kevin (Diesel) Nash

Diamond Dallas Page: It's good and it sucks.

Question: DDP-- Your hard work really shows. You are one of the most sound wrestlers I have seen. I am glad you are getting a push for a title. You have earned that right. You deserve to be classified as a major star... you are right, you have fans because you are a hard worker.... you are one of the main reasons that WCW is on top right now.... thanks for all you have done...

Diamond Dallas Page: Thanks...I appreciate it.

Question: Hey Dallas who was the guy who gave you all that cash from the limo when that little punk was following you around?

Diamond Dallas Page: No comment. I've got time for one last question.


Diamond Dallas Page: I think they are great. They are more of a feeder for the WWF and WCW, until Paul E can pay at the level of the top 2. It's a shame, but until then they will be a feeder. A guy's gotta work and learn somewhere. It's been your pleasure.