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Last updated 4 December 1999

Hunter Hearst Helmsley Interview

Hunter: HHH is here on AOL...much to the delight of everybody out there. Of course I am sure you all have very intelligent questions for me so let's get started.

Question: Hunter, will you get a manager?

Hunter: Well, as far as whether Hunter needs a manager or not...in the WWF today, every athlete there can use every edge he can get. Not too many people that I would consider my equal in the WWF. Intelligence wise or ring wise...if I did have to pick a manager he would have to be perfect. I will leave it at that.

Question: HHH, What do you think of people like Scott Hall & Kevin Nash leaving the WWF for the WCW when they become big stars?

Hunter: I think that for Scott Hall and Kevin Nash the business decision that they made was the right decision for them at the time. I'm sure that their hearts will always be where the best competition is which is the WWF. But when you are made an offer like the two of them were made, it's pretty difficult for anyone to refuse. I believe that as much as the WWF made Big Daddy Cool Diesel and Razor Ramon, it was just as much input from Scott Hall and Kevin Nash. So, wherever they are, they are still the same people. If the opportunity is present, they will continue to be big stars.

Question: HHH, What is your relationship like with Vince McMahon?

Hunter: My relationship with Vince McMahon from an employee standpoint...Vince is somebody that I have great respect for, he put this business in places it never went before and he continues to do so and he gives us the opportunity to do what we do. As a person I have a great deal of respect for Vince McMahon, he has a burning desire to be successful in the wrestling world no matter what the cost. Sometimes that can seem harsh to people outside, but it is business and he will succeed at all costs and that's what makes him a grea business man.

Question: Hunter, who's idea was it for the "Clique get together" after the MSG show? Do you regret it?

Hunter: The MSG incident was not necessarily something that we came up with, it was something that happened. There was a strong bond between us and it being Kevin and Scott's last stand, it was a very emotional night for all of us. Do I regret the incident? Emotionally no, it meant alot to me as it did Shawn, Kevin and Scott. From a business standpoint maybe just a tiny bit although I never regret what I do so what happened has happened and we all move on from there.

Question: What do you think of the WWF vs. WCW situation?

Hunter: To me the war between WCW and WWF has been great for our business. If you had to look at it from an outside perspective, competiton always brings out the best in everybody. In the short time that this so-called war has been going on, ratings have never been better, houses have never been better, buy rates have never been better and I think that to some degree, and when I say this, I certainly don't mean everybody, the levels of matches and the atleticism of the product we put out, is better than it has ever been before. Both companies are thriving it seems to me, on this war, so I don't see this as being that bad. Although, I'm sure that the companies don't feel that way.

Question: Hunter, what do you think of WWF Champion Shawn Michaels and why do think he is on top? And can he stay there?

Hunter: Shawn Michaels the atlete...I have a tremendous amount of respect for him. He is probably the best all-around performer in our business today. Whether he can stay on top is another thing. There is more exposure in our business than ever before and as they say "The brightest flame always burns out the fastest." Shawn Michaels has paid his dues in this business for a long time and put up with the Hogans and the Savages and yet still carried on. So he deserves all the success that he receives and I hope that when Shawn Michaels reaches the point where his time is done, whether that is sooner or later, I hope that he passes the torch on with dignity like he wished everybody else would have.

Question: Do you see your self in any other profession besides wrestling some day in the future?

Hunter: Pretty difficult question because at this point in my life wrestling is all I do. I eat, breathe, sleeep wrestling 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Hopefully I will never have to be put in a position where I have no choice but to do something else. If I ever am, I guess I will have to cross that bridge when I get there.

Question: HHH, WHat do you think of Brian Pillman joining the WWF??

Hunter: They made a big deal of his contract signing on Monday, I say big deal. Who cares? I am sick and tired of this war with WCW allowing for guys to come in the door thinking they are something because they made a little name for themselves someplace else. If you have never been to the big dance, and proven yourself there, then when you come in the door of the WWF, which no matter what anybody says, is the big dance, then you start out on the ground floor. Just like everybody else. And until these people, including Brian Pillman, and we all know everybody else who I mean...until these people prove themselves at main event draws, that bring people to the arenas, they have proven nothing to me. They should start out where everybody else starts out. They should be forced to prove themselves before being given what is not known.

Question: Hunter..who do think will win KOTR?

Hunter: At the KOTR, I believe the finals will come down to Vader and Steve Austin. Jake Roberts is too old to continually be beaten on and continue to come back. Marc Mero is not smart enough, nor does he have the skill in the ring to be in the same building as Steve Austin. If the final match is Vader and Austin, your guess is as good as mine, but I would always go with the technician over brut strength. So I would see Austin as your KOTR.

Question: Do you like ECW? Why don't you go there?

Hunter: No, I don't like ECW. I would not go there. There is no skill involved in hitting somebody in the head with a frying pan. Hardcore fans...most of them...wouldn't know a great match if they saw it. They have no idea what this business is about. I think that the Shane Douglas' and Public Enemy's of the wrestling world have shown that it takes a little bit more to survive in the real world...outside of the 1500 people that watch ECW. Just ask the franchise...for as much as he says that everybody else was the cause of his downfall, deep inside Shane Douglas knows that he just couldn't cut it.

Question: Hunter, How do you pick your valets?

Hunter: Being on the road as much as I am, I don't have time to select the different women. One of my servants does it for me. There is no problem with this because we all know that every woman is dying to be with Triple H anyway. So we just say the word and they come running.

Question: HHH: Who has had the biggest influence on your wrestling career, and why?

Hunter: I really can't pick one person. I look at different people in the business...past or present...and I admire different things of each person. And I think that the best way to grow is to take bits and pieces of the things that you admire in different people and try to apply them to yourself.

Question: Why did you develope the Pedigree?

Hunter: The Pedigree is a move that I developed out of necessity I guess. I felt that in wrestling everybody always tried to do somebody elses stuff. I tried to be original and as effective as I could. I came up with a maneuver and fully adapted it over time by trial and error to the finished product you see today. I think it's the best finishing move in prof. wrestling today.

Question: What goals have you set for yourself in the WWF?

Hunter: At this point in my career, my goals now have changed from trying to gain respect...which I believe I have done...to trying to prove I am the best. I believe that my strongest goal right now is the WWF IC title. But with all good goals, a good plan must be formulated. That is what I am working on now.

Question: Do You Think The Competition Is Worthy In The WWF?

Hunter: I think that the compettion in the WWF is extremely high. The quality of competitors that we have is at a very high point...it's just that the depth quality is not really there. You have a handfull of guys who are probably the best in the business and after that, it drops off very quickly.

Hunter: Everybody on AOL...the pleasure has been yours. I must now go on my way to live the life that you all can only dream of...see you on TV.