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Last updated 4 December 1999

Prodigy Interview with Marc Mero

By Bob Ryder

RYDER: Tell us what happened today.

MERO: When I was at the airport today I told Eric Bischoff that before I got on the plane, I wanted something in writing stating that I would be making the same amount of money because I had been working without a contract for 11 days now. I said I wanted the same money when I got in the ring tonight with Lex Luger, because what happens if I get hurt. I could blow a big opportunity. He said 'didn't you see your new contract?' I told him there were alot of things in the contract I didn't like, for example...every 90 days I would be reviewed to decide if they wanted to keep me or not. I couldn't plan anything long term. There was also a stipulation that I couldn't wrestle for another company for 4 months after my contract ends...and I thought that was a little steep. In this contract I didn't have any 90 day clauses in it at all.

RYDER: Under your current contract you didn't have any restriction on going somewhere else when it ended?

MERO: No. I can go right now. I just told Eric that I wanted to be perfectly honest with him...."I've always been a straight shooter with you Eric, I have a better offer from WWF". He said, 'Well let's go sit down'. He said 'what can I do in the contract to change it'? I said it wasn't just about changing the contract it was about the way everything had been handled. At that point I told him I wanted to give him my notice. I was going to give him a 2 week notice, because I thought that was the respectable thing to do after working at WCW for five years. He said 'well, why don't you just come tonight then call it quits'? I told him to give me something in writing, and he said he wouldn't do that. I told him I wouldn't go, and I told him I didn't want to leave on bad terms...and I stuck out my hand to shake his hand. He said, 'No you aren't leaving on good terms'. He said I would never work for that company again.

RYDER: So after 5 years he wouldn't shake your hand?

MERO: No, he didn't even acknowledge me or anything.

RYDER: Then tonight he had some sarcastic things to say on the show.

MERO: Which does nothing but help me. It gets me more publicity for me...letting people know I'm gone. It makes them anxious to see what gimmick I will have in the WWF.

RYDER: When do you start with WWF?

MERO: I will start immediately...but we are going to be working out the right gimmick to come in with.

RYDER: Have you had discussions yet at all about what that might be?

MERO: No. If it was up to me I would use my real name...Marc Mero.

RYDER: Do you see Vince agreeing to do something like that?

MERO: I ran it by him. I said "How about Marvelous Marc Mero"? I could come in and be real flamboyant, high energy. He seemed to like it, but you don't know...we have to meet about it.

RYDER: Your discussions with WWF have been with Vince?

MERO: Yes.

RYDER: How long have you been talking to Vince about coming to the WWF?

MERO: Let me back up a bit and give you how it all started. Last Monday, Alan Sharp (WCW PR head) called me and asked me to go to the races this weekend for WCW. He wanted me to go on Saturday. Saturday was my daughters birthday, and we rented out a gymnasium to have the party. There were a bunch of kids coming, so I asked him if he could get someone else to do it. I told him there wasn't anyone in the company that works harder than me. I enjoy doing that kind of stuff. Alan told me he would find someone else. On Friday, Eric called me at my house. He said 'Johnny, what's the problem'? I said, "problem about what"? He said 'Why aren't you going to the races'? I told him it was my daughters birthday, I asked Alan to set up someone else and he agreed. Eric told me 'when someone calls you and tells you to be somewhere, you be there'. Now, I have never missed an appointment anywhere in all the five years I've been there. It was really strange he was coming down on me this way.

RYDER: Especially considering you weren't under contract.

MERO: Exactly. I told him "No problem Eric, I'll miss my daughters birthday". He said 'No, don't even go near the race'. I called Alan and told him to just tell me where I should go, that I would go ahead and do it. Alan told me he would have to call me back. He called back and told me that Eric didn't want me near the racetrack. With that right there, I picked up the phone and called Vince at his house. Believe it or not he was there. When would Vince ever be home?

RYDER: That was this past Friday?

MERO: Yes. And Vince was so excited. He thought I had already signed with WCW. He said 'Please give me an opportunity to think this over, and to think about a gimmick, and I'll call you back tomorrow'. Which he did. I talked to him and he agreed with what I wanted.

RYDER: So it was really a spur of the moment situation, and what triggered it was the way you were handled last week by Eric?

MERO: Exactly.

RYDER: Your intention all along was to stay with WCW, wasn't it?

MERO: Oh yes. I had a good contract and was making good money only working 2 days a week. But, like I said...I enjoy wrestling, and I'm looking forward to getting out on the road trying to help. I'm willing to work 5 or 6 days a week to try to make this thing work.

RYDER: How long is your deal with WWF?

MERO: I really can't comment because it is confidential. It's a long term thing though.

RYDER: Has something already been signed or is it just verbal?

MERO: Verbal, but I've already got the contract, and my attorney looked it over and we have made a few changes which have been agreed to.

RYDER: When do you plan to get started?

MERO: We have to work on the character. I fly up on Thursday to meet with Vince and his wife and we'll talk about it then.

RYDER: Are you at all hesitant to make this jump at this time given the WCW/WWF war? Do you fear you may be a pawn in their battle?

MERO: I don't think so. I think my talent speaks for itself. I've improved alot in the last few years. I'm willing to do whatever it takes to get better.

RYDER: Did Vince give you some idea of how he planned to use you...not so much gimmick wise, but position on the card?

MERO: I'm sure at the beginning I will start out low on the card, but once I prove myself and have some good matches, and bring some different stuff like highflying moves...I think they will move me up.

RYDER: Your character in WCW was much more effeminate in the beginning. You never really liked that character, did you?

MERO: No, in fact when I signed my next deal with WCW I wouldn't sign it until they agreed to do away with the feminine aspect. One the things that I tell kids is to believe in themselves...How can I do that if I'm wearing lipstick? It was very difficult for me.

RYDER: But they had toned it down quite a bit.

MERO: Yes, the last 3 years were better. I wanted to try to be more of a role model, so I insisted they change the character.

RYDER: You have been without a contract for the last couple of weeks.

MERO: Since February 28.

RYDER: Was it after that that they did the switches at the house shows?

MERO: I think I was still under contract then, but it was obvious what was about to happen. I've never had a problem doing jobs because that is a problem with our business...some people refuse to do them. Hogan never started getting over again until he started doing jobs. He is starting to realize that now.

RYDER: What is the attitude in WCW...with Diesel and Razor coming in that gives them alot of big names when you include the Hogan/Savage/Flair circle. How do the people like Alex Wright, Beniot, Malenko, Guerrero and others feel about all of this?

MERO: I think it is frustrating. But nobody really badmouths anything because they all realize their positions. It's not a company where you advance because of your talent. Nobody is thinking of good story lines right now. I mean, you can only watch Hogan/Savage vs Dungeon of Doom so much. Right now the ratings are great, but if they keep doing the same thing people are going to get tired of it.

RYDER: You have been stuck in an extended feud with Diamond Dallas Page. It's gone on for several months.

MERO: We were scheduled for Uncensored too...that would have been four out of the last five PPV's.

RYDER: Was that frustrating to you?

MERO: I asked them to put me in with a Benoit or Malenko because I respect those guys so much. I can learn from people like that. There is only so much that Diamond Dallas Page and I can learn from each other. We can only go so far. They should have broken us up so we could come back to each other later.

RYDER: Is there anyone in WWF you are looking forward to working with?

MERO: I'm really looking forward to working with Hunter Hearst Helmsley and Steve Austin. I had some good matches with both of them in WCW. I'd also love to work with Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart. I'm excited to be able to work with new people.

RYDER: Thanks so much for taking the time to do the interview. Fans on Prodigy have really enjoyed having you as a contributor, and we hope you can keep in touch with us. I know Vince has a deal with another service, but I want you to know you are always welcome here. MARC: I realize that...and I told Vince that I do this...and he really didn't seem to have a problem with it. I don't give away angles or anything. It's something I'll talk to him about.