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Last updated 4 December 1999

Owen Hart Interview

from AOL

Owen: Everybody can now take their seats, The King has now entered the chamber.

Question: Owen, I think you are the WWF's #1 talent today, which non WWF wrestler do you admire or respect the most??

Owen: Well I would have to say Chris Benoit. He started out in Calgary and I'm proud to say that he is holding up the tradition of the Calgary talent.

Question: If your brother came begging for forgiveness for all the terrible things he's done to you, would you forgive him?

Owen: He would have to admit that I am better than him. And if he is still the WWF champion he would have to give me a title shot first. If I beat him I would be the WWF champion, if I lost, I would accept defeat. Then I would forgive him.

Question: Seeing as how you hate both of them....as do I.....who would you rather see win at WM12....Shawn Michaels or Bret?

Owen: Well, I would have to say Bret because at least he is keeping the family name alive whether I dislike him or not.

Question: Owen: Who would you say was your toughest opponent in your whole career?

Owen: The two names we just mentioned, Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart.

Question: What was your most memorable moment in the WWF? winning the Tag Team Title, winning the King of the Ring, Or your victory over Bret at WMX?

Owen: King of the Ring victory when I beat everybody and became King.

Question: Would you ever consider going to WCW?

Owen: You never say never, but I am very content. I am content with WWF and I believe that there is more to wrestling than just money. And if you can maintain a good living and keep your dignity then I would prefer staying right where I am. Now it is just time to wait and see if I'm given a fair shake.

Question: How do feel that Yokozuna is stating that he was the whole team when you were Tag Team Champions?

Owen: It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see who did the work. Yokozuna is big, and that's it. I am athletic, my wrestling is technically sound, entertaining to watch and I can get mean if I have to. Now we will see who rises to the top. To me Yokozuna looks like he will sink.

Question: In the wrestling ring, what are the major differences between you and Bret?

Owen: There are not alot. I'm a better person, we both were raised in the same environment, equal in size, both very competitve but I am younger and ready to take over where Bret leaves off.

Question: What are your interests outside the Ring?

Owen: I like watching good movies, bike riding, swimming, football and most of all the luxury to be home and playing with my children and wife.

Question: Why would Regis and Cathy Lee ask Bret to be on tomorrow morning and not you?

Owen: That's the discrimination and aversion that I have dealt with my whole life.

Question: You've beat Bret before. How come he still goes on about all that "best there is, best there was" crap?

Owen: I guess because he is the WWF champion he thinks that he can claim to be the best. But if he is the best, and I beat him, doesn't that make me better?

Question: What are your thoughts about the return of the Ultimate Warrior?

Owen: He's kept his face in private since his announcement. It will take time to see if he can match what he used to be, or if he is an old star still trying to hang on to what he once was.

Question: Owen, are you afraid of SNAKES?

Owen: No, I'm not but I don't like to have them thrown around my neck and face, it's a wrestling ring, not a zoo. Last time I checked anyway.

Question: Who picked up wrestling quicker you or Bret?

Owen: Positively I did. Just look at my amateur wrestling record. It really shows my win/loss compared to Bret. I was better then and I'm better now.

Question: Your Brother Bret collected Comics as a kid? What about you? Did you/do you have any interest in such things?

Owen: My hobbies were always sports oriented. But being the youngest of 12 children I had to compete and I became mischievous to get attention. Now I'm just plain bad.

Question: If 9 thugs would have jumped Owen Hart,what would have happened?

Owen: Well anytime you are fighting 9 people no matter how tough you are, it's an uphill battle. But if the ratio is far, 3 on 1 even, those would be some sorry dudes.

Question: Why don't you find it in your heart to take Jim Cornette clothes shopping?

Owen: Jim Cornette's appearance does not affect our success. As long as we keep winning, he can wear whatever he wants.

Question: Is it just me or Ahmed Johnson is cutting all those promos aimed at all you guys. Do you understand what the hell he is saying?

Owen: Well I'm glad somebody else agrees with me. It sounds like he's got a mouth full of marbles. Like I said, a million dollar body and a two cent brain.

Question: Are you going to feel bad beating Jake "The Snake" Roberts being that he has found the Lord?

Owen: No, Jake Roberts is just like any other opponent. He knows what he is getting into and Camp Cornette is going to treat the Snake just like any other opponent that dares fight us. Especially at WrestleMania XII.

Question: What are your views on Razor and Diesel leaving the WWF and going to the WCW?

Owen: I think that WWF has been very fair to both of those guys. And it's sad to see talent like that leave. But in a competitive market, sometimes money is the most important thing. And if those guys are making more money for less days work, good for them. But, they better think twice if things don't work out about coming back here.

Question: How do you feel about gauranteed contracts?

Owen: I bust my butt every night and I'm guaranteed squat. So a little incentive and some stability in salary would make it worth while being away from home so much.

Question: Would you ever consider doing us all a favor and put a muzzle over you face like Vader?Please Owen, we are getting sick!!

Owen: Maybe you would be satisfied but all of my other fans would be missing out on wrestling's most beautiful talent.

Question: Do you think that Vince McMahon has been fair to Owen Hart thus far?

Owen: Yes, he's been fair. In my early days as the Blue Blazer and my tag team partner Koko B Ware, I don't think I was given a fair chance. And it was only until I got a chance to fight Bret because Jerry Lawler ran into some trouble, then I got a fair chance to show my ability.

Question: Would you ever consider wrestling IC Champ Goldust?And what kind of strategy would you have?

Owen: Well, I would love to wrestle the Intercontinental Champion and my first tactic would be to treat him like a normal heterosexual male. Part of his strategy is to psych his opponent out with his gay tendencies. So a quick thrust kick like Shawn Michaels took, would put Goldust out fast.

Question: Would you pay money to see Bret act?

Owen: I get to watch it for free, and I can't stand watching it when it's free.

Question: Owen, are there any plans for you and the Bulldog to wrestle more consistently?

Owen: Yes, there are aspirations. We were both former WWF Tag Champions and we were both the leaders of our teams. Can you imagine the success with both of us as one team?

Question: In your opinion, who was the better tag team? The Hart Foundation or the British Bulldogs?

Owen: The British Bulldog's were a better team. They had more teamwork and were just an all-around exciting team. But I think that the Bulldog's got so good, by fighting the Hart Foundation.

Owen: I'm heading off on an airplane now because Camp Cornette is going to have some private strategy meetings about how we are going to take out the Snake, the Blob, and the neanderthall.