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Last updated 4 December 1999

Owen Hart Interview

from AOL

Owen: All those people that have bowed to the King of Harts, can now sit down and watch the King of Harts perform.

Question: Hi Owen, what is your goal in the WWF?

Owen: Where have you been for the last two years, my quest has been stated openly that I would prove to the whole WWF that I am the best there is, the best there was and the best there ever will be! To be the best you have to beat the best and that happens to be my brother Bret the WWF champion. I have beaten Bret before, but not when he was the WWF champion, at In Your House, I will beat the former champion Diesel and use him as a stepping stone to get the WWF title which Bret will likely lose to British Bulldog because we all know that Bret lost the IC title to Bulldog at Summerslam 1992.

Question: Owen, Growing up as a kid who were some of your role modoles?

Owen: My father was my ultimate role model. When I was a kid, Gordie Howe was big as a hockey player, and Muhammed Ali as a boxer.

Question: Any plans of you and Davey Boy Smith to rerecruit Jim Neidhart and really take it to the Hit Man?

Owen: I would love to see Jim Neidhart back in the WWF, you all know Anvil is a little crazy though at times. And if he'd calm down and focus on his career there is hope that he'll be back in the WWF. Bulldog, Anvil, Myself and Yokozuna could form a strong clique.

Question: Owen. Do you think you can take the title away from Brittish Bulldog if he beats Bret?

Owen: Yes, I will. I don't want fans to be confused. Of course I want to beat the qualifying champion. I fought the British Bulldog and there was a time limit draw. But if you watch the tape, in the final minutes I was definitely on top.

Question: How was the match with Chris Benoit in his recent WWF tryout?

Owen: I remember the match vividly in Ohio and it was more of a Japanese style match. I enjoyed fighting him to show that I still have superior wreslting technique. I have superior wrestling technique against any wrestling territory. It would be nice to see Benoit find a home here at TitanSports.

Question: Does your family support you or Bret?

Owen: My mom and Dad always jump ship, right now Bret is the champion so I think they are on his side. I think they have always been loyalist to Bret. But when I was King of the Ring and WWF tag team champion I couldn't get them to leave me alone. They kept calling me. After I beat Diesel at In Your House I'll have to put my answering machine back on again.

Question: Rumor has it, that there was some dissention between yourself and Yoko at In Your House..Can you comment on that?

Owen: There is no dissention at all. We're victims of bad calls from bad refs. Despite the controversy the fans and media want to create, there are no problems whatsoever.

Question: What are you going to get Bret for Christmas?

Owen: Probably a new set of front teeth!

Question: You were gloating when you said that you put Shawn Michaels out of the Wrestling business, but you looked pretty concerned when he went down. What are your true feelings?

Owen: Well, at first I did feel concern, because only I know how powerful my spinkick was and when it connected on his head, I was surprised he got up then and when I saw he collapsed a few moments later I saw that it was a delayed reaction. I really smacked him in the head a few times. I knew it was only a matter of time before I dropped him for good. So the concern on my face is not different than when you see a boxer knock out an opponent like when Buster Douglas knocked out Tyson. It amazes you to see him finally go down, but I absolutely take full credit despite the rumors that he was suffering from fatigue. He had his full strenght prior to that fight, he wasn't suffering from fatigue.

Question: What happened to the high-flying moves you once performed as the Blue Blazer? Has injury grounded you?

Owen: I would say injury has helped in bringing me down to reality but high risk maneuvers can be effective but very dangerous. I have learned that I can do technical wrestling on the mat, and when necessary high risk moves can be successful.

Question: Who are some of your closest friends in the WWF?

Owen: Bulldog is for sure one, Yokozuna, Mr. Fugi, Jim Cornette and Rad Radford.

Question: You say you made the sharpshooter, where did you get the idea?

Owen: I learned it wresling in Calgary from a Japanese wrestler, his name was Hiro Hse.

Question: Do you enjoy the daily grind of being a wrestler in the WWF?

Owen: Well the fame and glory can be a nuisance when you want privacy and a normal life. The fame and glory can also be advantageous for special treatment. After a tour of 16 days like I just came off of, the wear and tear can be grueling. When you have a family with two children and helping my wife while actively wrestling is two full time jobs.

Question: I'm 8 years old and a fan of yours. Have you ever been hurt real bad while wrestling?

Owen: I tore a ligament in my knee. That was 3 years ago in South Carolina. It was against Bam Bam Bigelow doing a high risk maneuver. I slipped on the rope and tore my knee up.

Question: Obviously you've busted your nose a FEW times. Why haven't you ever gotten it fixed??

Owen: I've never busted my nose in my life, I have only busted other peoples. Obviously you have never seen me up close. But I am utterly the excellence of execution and in a recent poll that I read, I was voted the sexiest man alive! The poor kid must just be jealous!

Question: Do you think Sunny is fine and did she ever come on to you? ( yeah right)

Owen: She is a nice looking girl, but being a married man, I don't check out other women. Especially when she is currently with the WWF wrestler Skip. You must be some kind of a sicko asking those questions!

Question: We all know you were the Blue Blazer...Did you decide to take off your mask to get the psycological edge or to scare your opponent??You are Ugly DUDE!

Owen: Because of my wrestling high flying ability I was chosen to wear a mask like some Marvel comic superhero, much like Batman, Spiderman, Superman, but then when people saw how great a wrestler I was,then they all wanted to get a look at how this wrestler really looked without the mask. I proved to the whole world that my face is as great as my wrestling ability.

Question: Have you ever used steroids, and how do you feel about them?

Owen: Never used them, I never needed them which should indicate how I feel. Let's face it, I am not going to be a giant no matter what they invent. So I rely on my wrestling ability not bulging biceps. So I don't have to worry about organ damage or balding prematurely because of steroid use. So for any of those young wrestler wannabes who want to consider using steroids don''t let your vanity ruin your health.

Question: King, do you think Vince has given you a fair chance in the WWF

Owen: I would say he has given me a reasonably fair shake. I believe he has given better shakes to other people and like I heard a long time ago, you can't keep good talent down. I think Vince McMahon realized that I have talent and I'm long overdue to give me a chance to show what I can do. Some talent get big breaks and then dissappear overnight. Myself I got my chance, 3 years later I'm still on top, and will be on top in 3 years to come.

Question: What will be your strategy against the 7 foot, Diesel at In Your House?

Owen: I am going to capitalize on where Bret left off at Survivor Series. That's his legs. 7 feet tall and probably 70% is leg, they come down flat on the mat and he's down to my size. When hes down to my size, it's not a match. He is an absolutely inferior wrestler to me. My sharpshooter will put him out of wrestling just like his buddy Shawn Michaels. Then people will start realizing it was no fluke what happened to Shawn Michaels and the dream team will become the "Creamed Team!"

Question: Bret has stated that his goal is to win the triple crown for a third time. If he does go on to capture the Ic title and there is only one leg left would you ever consider tag teaming with Bret and go after the BELTS? What would it take?

Owen: You are sure taking a lot of longshots here, a lot of ifs. Bret better worry about keeping his WWF title, and not worry about the IC belt or tag team belt. I remember when I did tag with Bret, it was a total failure. The weak link, the quitter and so I don't think I'd ever tag with him when there are guys like Yokozuna, Bulldog or even Jim Neidhart. At least I could count on them.

Question: Do you see yourself remaining loyal to Vince McMahon and the World Wrestling Federation or will you take the road that a certian muscle-head recently took and decided to go to a place where you feel the grass may be greener?

Owen: I believe I will be loyal. Vince McMahon has been loyal to me. As long as he continues to be loyal to me, then I would rather work for a superior promotion like the WWF.

Owen: Thanks everybody for the questions and allowing me to speak straight from the heart. Whether you like me or not, I'm simply the best. At In Your House V, December 17 I will expose Diesel as the loser that he really is.