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Last updated 4 December 1999

Survivor Series invades D.C.

By Phil Schneider

The stars of the World Wrestling Federation invade the D.C. area Nov. 19 for the annual "Survivor Series" at the US Air Arena. Wrestling is a violent art which mixes ballet with street fighting. It is popular all over the world, and the Survivor Series will feature wrestlers from all different countries, including a women's match with six Japanese wrestlers.

One international star at the Survivor Series will be Puerto Rican legend Savio Vega. Unlike many wrestlers who falsely claim international heritages as part of their image, Savio Vega was born in Puerto Rico and spent his childhood between there and the South Bronx. He was involved in Tae Kwon Doe and boxing as a youth, but started wrestling very early in his career.

"I started wrestling when I was 18, in small arenas sometimes with only a dozen people watching," he said. "I wanted to make it."

Vega eventually became one of the biggest stars in Puerto Rico, wrestling under war paint as "TNT". He held all the major Puerto Rican titles and had many wars with legendary wrestlers like Abdullah the Butcher and Mr. Fuji. Puerto Rican wrestling is more violent than the WWF, and Savio wrestled in rings surrounded by barbed wire, often using foreign objects as weapons. He suffered many injuries including broken ribs and a dislocated shoulder. The biggest feud he had was against Hurricane Castille Jr.

"He said a lot of nasty things about my wife on TV," Vega said. "He thought it would get him over with the crowd. Well, I got him over the head with chairs and tables."

Vega also wrestled in Japan where he fought some of the best wrestlers in that country.

"I wrestled with the Great Muta against Hiroshi Hase and Kensuki Sasaki, it was one of the greatest matches of my life," Vega said. "Muta hit Hase with the ring bell hammer, and spilt him open. The fans loved it."

Vega made his WWF debut at the "In Your House" pay-per-view event when he rescued his friend Razor Ramon from the hands of a two-on-one beating. He then set a WWF record by wrestling four matches in one night by getting to the finals of "The King of the Ring" tournament, before losing to the 500-plus pound Mabel.

Vega, who weighs 235 pounds, often takes on bigger men. He said he toughest opponent was the 650-pound Yokozuna.

'When you wrestle someone that big you have to go with the flow," he said. "He looks fluffy, but he hits hard, and if he sits on you with his big butt, it is over."

Vega will be on a four-man team at the Series. He will be teaming with Henry Godwin, Fatu, and the Undertaker to face Hunter Hearst Helmsley, Jerry Lawler, Isaac Yakem DDS, and King Mabel. Savio dosen't like any of them but is looking forward to getting his hands on Mabel.

"Last time I wrestled him I had wrestled three other matches that day. At Survivor Series I will be fresh."

The Survivor Series will also be featuring a no DQ, no countout match between World Champion Diesel and former champ Bret "The Hitman" Hart. Tickets are available through Ticketmaster and the US Air Arena box office.