Hack-Man Pro-Wrestling Steve Austin Interview Page

Last updated 4 December 1999

Steve Austin Q&A Session from AOL

Steve: If anybody's mad about me being late, they can kiss my @$$

Question: Steve: at the Royal Rumble you cheated..How do you answer to that?

Steve: Damn right...a win is a win!, I am proud of that accomplishment!

Question: Stone Cold, yeah but you had a scared look on your face when Bret was introduced...You dont seem that tough?

Steve: The scared look was just an act of fear. He's the dumbest person I know he thought I was scared, the whole world thought I was scared but in the end, it was his @$$ flying over the top rope, not mine. I ain't scared of nobody.

Question: Steve, Bret called you a Wild Hyena last week on AOL..Would you agree with him? And what would call him?

Steve: I'd call him a Jack@$$. I'm not sure of bret's knowledge of animals but if anything, a great white shark. And if he was floating around in the water, I'd knock him off his little innertube and that's the last you'd hear of Bret Hart.

Question: Sone Cold, Do you regret threatening Gorilla Monsoon on Raw a few weeks ago..And what do you think of this Final Four Match?

Steve: I don't have any regrets. Gorilla Monsoon ruined my chances of going to WrestleMania, but I don't regret threatening him. Physically, mentally or financially there is nothing he can do to scare me. I think the Final Four will be a hell of a match. But since we don't have the instant replay rule, I should be going to WM as it is. I'll do whatever it takes to win the Final Four.

Question: Steve, it seems you do not like Vince McMahon? What are your thoughts on him?

Steve: Well basically I think he's a genius. He took the biggest superstar in the world of prof. wrestling and hired him. WCW dropped the ball and he picked it up. That's about it.

Question: Steve, It seems the wrestlers attitudes are changing...and the WWF style of wrestling has changed. Are you responsible?

Steve: Hell yes! You can sit there on the back burner and watch everything go by or you can kick it into gear and follow the example that Stone Cold has set. I am responsible for the positive things going on right now.I set the standard and no one can tell me any different.

Question: Last night you battled Vader...However, you lost when you gave the ref. the Stone Cold Stunner. Bottom line..Does Austin care about a title or just hurting people?

Steve: I'll get the titles but right now I feel I am making a name and setting a standard...when I decide it's time to get a title, I will have it.

Question: Steve..If Raw goes 2 hours Live each week...Does the WWF have enough talent and will it increase its ratings?

Steve: It doesnt matter if they have enough talent or not. Steve Austin is there...I can either run my mouth or whip everybody's @$$ every week.

Question: Steve..what are your thoughts on the Shotgun Saturday Night show?

Steve: With a few modifications, it should be very successful. I won't give any comments what I think about the show until they get the basic format accomplished.

Question: Steve...The Skull on the back of your vest..What does it mean?

Steve: What does it matter? What was I supposed to put on there? A couple of flowers?? Only a jackass would ask a question like that.

Question: Steve..if you dont win the Final Four..what will you do next?

Steve: Go back to the drawing board. I've only been in the WWF for one year. As I have stated before, getting my name and face recognized are more important than titles right now to me.

Question: Steve..the fans are starting to boo Shawn Michaels and cheer you? Is that important to you?

Steve: People are going to do what they want to do. 99% of the time I hear people cheer for Shawn Michaels. As far as people cheering for me, I guess there are sick people everywhere.

Question: Stone Cold, what about Sycho Sid? It seems like you stay away from him. Comments?

Steve: He was the one that no-showed on MNR couple a weeks ago. He's got a yellow streak down his back a mile long and as a side note, I would like to tell everybody that I invited Sid over to my house tonight just so I could punch him in his mouth. Even though I sent him a first class ticket, he never showed up. Now you tell me who's afraid.

Question: Stone Cold....Do you feel you will ever get the respect you deserve?

Steve: What does respect really mean? Respect doesn't pay any of my bills. The bottom line is if you can't recognize my talent, you are indeed a complete jack@$$.

Question: Steve..at the Final Four at this months February's In Your House what will be your strategy?

Steve: I don't know I've never been in one. All I want to do is win. Since it's no disqualification I'd say it's wide open for everybody. But we'll have to see what happens. If I don't face Shawn at WM, I will face him someday. That could be the biggest night.