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Last updated 21 April 2015

Hulkster Hit with a Hart Attack

By Glenn Cole

Welcome to the world of professional wrestling where Hulkamaniacs need shock therapy again.

Someone has betrayed the egomaniac - again.

This time it was Jimmy Hart, Hulk Hogan's manager in his last couple of years in the World Wrestling Federation and his entire run with World Championship Wrestling.

Hart was instrumental in the thrashing Hogan took at Halloween Havoc last Sunday in Detroit, smacking the referee on the back of the head with Hogan's WCW heavyweight championship belt as Hogan was about to pin The Giant.

Oh, Hogan won by disqualification and is still the WCW champion for now. But as he lay quivering in the ring, and knowing full well that he is off to make a movie, you had to wonder what it will take before the WCW has a tournament to determine a new title-holder.

Maybe we will get lucky and Hogan won't come back. A few non-wrestling fans who were less than a captive audience noted that Hogan's act is more than a little worn. You know the old scene - he gets pounded then all of a sudden gets the "look" and has strength fortified by the cheers of his legion of fans. Well, they didn't do him much good in Detroit and what's he going to do now that Jimmy Hart has turned his back on him, just as Brutus (Fruitcake) Beefcake and Randy (Macho Man) Savage have done in the past?

NO SURPRISES: Sting may be the dumbest wrestler ever. Everyone knew he shouldn't have formed an alliance with Ric Flair and lo and behold, Flair joined Arn Anderson and Brian Pillman in an attack on the Stinger and pummelled him into submission in their tag-team match. Sting was set up as he has been many times in the past and he just keeps on walking into these things.

SAVAGE A SAVANT: Randy Savage knew Lex Luger was a skunk and he was right. Luger, who played in the CFL with the Montreal Alouettes under his real name Larry Pfohl, never quite made it as a good guy, either in the WCW or the WWF. Anyway, he joined in the attack on Hogan and bashed Savage around when he tried to rescue his buddy, which you kind of knew would happen.

HART ATTACK: Bret Hart will get a shot at Diesel's WWF heavyweight title at the Survivor Series later this month. Hart interfered in Diesel's bout with Davey Boy Smith at In Your House IV - which was a dud of a show by the way - and Diesel didn't appreciate the help any more than Owen Hart liked Yokozuna's help on the Monday Night Raw show. Owen was battling Razor Ramon for the Intercontinental title and lost by DQ thanks to Yokozuna's interference.

The only bright spot was that Yokozuna squashed the 1-2-3 Kid.

IN THE RING: Bret, Owen and the rest of the Hart clan will help their dad, Stu, with a special card in Calgary, Dec. 15. Wrestlers from both major federations will be on hand ... One Man Gang is headed back to the WCW and Mike Rotundo, aka Irwin R. Schyster, is in the WCW as B.K. Wall Street ... WCW Wunderpunk, Alex Wright, has a bad knee which may need surgery ... WCW plans a 60-man battle royal Nov. 26 in World War 3, giving the winner the chance to become the No. 1 contender for the WCW world heavyweight title ... Van Vader has a shoulder injury and is out for the next couple of months ... Sting, Flair, Johnny B. Badd, the Nasty Boys and Harlem Heat of WCW will be headed for Japan in 10 days for a tour in conjunction with New Japan Pro Wrestling. Look for the alliance between those federations to grow.

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