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October 6 column

By Warrior

Hello, Warriors. 10.06.99.

Continuing the discussion...edits still are necessary on this, but have it.

Hello warriors,. My thoughts are that all is great with you. Hope, being unnecessary in a warrior's world; and a word, among others, I'm working hard on refraining to use.

I'd first like to state that if I had the ability to post more frequently, I would. That said, at this time, I can't. I'm busy nipping, tucking and stitching the facelift of Warrior Web's design elements, and busy developing soon-to-be-released e-commerce products and, also, discussing the Web's live-interactive possibilities. Primarily, internet produced Warrior Workouts. Getting things done generally takes longer than originally expected. And that, too, you best expect.

For those who find it necessary to forward, both, fault-finding and guilt-casting e-mails about the infrequent posts, I can only say that, man, you must be bored and boring. Save your energy and time. Spend it on more worthy pursuits, like yourself and the happiness in your own life. Grab a breath of fresh air. Take a hike, literally. There are way more important things you should be spending your time -- productively -- on. Of course, the response here is a given, "Hey, at least I'm coming to your site...f' you man!" And I appreciate that you do. But the context of these kinds of emails are such that I've somehow, purposefully, let you down or ruined your day by not making a post. What it is, it is. There are other more valuable ways to spend your time, so chill. Believe me, the internet will be there when you get back. Besides, the Shield of Warrior deflects negativity like a mirror turned to sunshine.

To continue...

As the Wise Warrior thinketh he writeth and presenteth...

"Silence is Power". Yet @ the right time we should think: "Stupidity Survives Only if We Remain Silent." And he sayingly decideth, "If One can, One Must."

One must defend himself against and dispel, to dust, the stupidity that survives. Let's do some of that. Let's explore some warrior studies and teachings while we, at the same time, address some of the topical news.

Anytime, when you are in a position of influencing people you can act, either, responsibly or irresponsibly. In my wrestling career I influenced many people positively and responsibly. Beyond that wrestling career, I've chosen to continue acting positively and responsibly, influencing people. In that choice to continue acting as an influence, it's my obligation to embrace, positively and responsibly, my role as a teacher, an Influencer. And when we get down to it, we all are, aren't we? Students, Teachers, and Role Models that is. Each one of us.

Not only must a positive and responsible teacher know how to teach the truths, he must know how to teach others to spot the hidden ones set amongst a mountain of lies and, as well, how to defend them when in the presence of insolent lies and imperious indignities. For, just as having knowledge without knowing how to use it is meaningless; similarly, knowing how to detect and expose the lies becomes meaningless if we don't know how -- or are daunted -- to defend the truths we must hold up in defense to the lies.

Besides, a warrior finds it hard -- impossible with practiced diligence -- to hide his -- and truth's -- dignity; knowing that defending and promoting truth strengthens his self-respect, pride and honor. Especially when it's rightfully and respectfully earned, and held. When it gets assailed by calumnies and contumelies, a warrior pridefully defends himself. If he is right, there is no wrong he can do here. It is always right to defend one's character when it is deserved.

You know, I get mail -- doesn't matter the quantity -- from people who express how my portrayal of my character, The Ultimate Warrior/Warrior influenced them in their lives. Again, if I get one, ten or a thousand, to me, it doesn't matter, I've got a responsibility. It comes with what I've done, who I've been, what I am, and what I want to continually strive to achieve. I take it very seriously. I take my entire life very seriously, even the hilarious, self-effacing and, at-times, regretfully embarrassing moments of it. More people should. And what I take equally as serious is the objective, rational defending of my life and its truth, the truth I live my life by.

It is no secret -- except maybe to those guilty as charged -- that the internet spawned a demimonde of liars, evaders and enablers of egregious, base speculation and sophistry. And when one of the aforementioned defile, again, who I am, what I've done, what I'm about or what I want to continually strive to achieve simply because they can hide behind the anonymity of a computer screen, I don't like it and I defend myself. Too many genuinely good, well-behaved people give asinine, idiotic behaving people a pass because it's uncomfortable to confront the perpetrators. Don't cop-out.

If your opinion of who I am, what I've done, or what I'm about or what I want to continually strive to achieve -- either personally or professionally -- differs from mine, fine. If it doesn't infringe on my rights, I don't care. I'm not bothered by that. After all, we all have a different set of fingerprints. But, when a person creates lies, intentionally -- only because of these differences of opinion that in no way intrude on his rights -- intending to debase and besmirch my character, I take umbrage with that.

So, in my typical, inimitable warrior style, let me take umbrage. Make the record clear.

Things like my career don't happen "for whatever reasons." And for those not afraid to look, I've nothing to hide. The facts are there. As well, things and people that succeed, in general, don't do so "for whatever reasons." It's called getting and being Over. Whether you're a Prowrestler or a tube of toothpaste. E.g, Crest is Over.

There are, of course, nobodies, who believe otherwise. Yet, they are nobodies, not because of what they have not done or accomplished in their lives -- and yet, may likely have all the potential to do -- but are nobodies because of exactly what they do do and how they do it. Fits, that what they do is do-do. All crap.

They opine on things they don't know. They never make the effort to find the correct information to come to the right answer -- the truth. Indolent individuals with minds perpetuating wasteland after wasteland. Why? Because, ladies and gentlemen, they have got a fundamental problem with the pursuit of knowledge. Any kind. They propagandize the idea(s) that, number one, it's easier to "do stupid", so "just do it" -- develop and dispense lies. And number two, they believe that we all live predetermined lives with limited abilities and morose outcomes. "So quit trying to fool yourselves," they say, "there is no truth and life is misery as misery is life; untruth, misery and life are all inextricably bonded to one another."

It is easier to do stupid. They are excellent models of that Truth.

Your life, however, is not predetermined, and your abilities are outrageously unlimited. It is happiness, not misery and despair, that humans, by their nature, have in abundance and continually gravitate, with effort, toward. When we use -- by our own free will -- the human tools of reason and rationality to do so.

For most, that Will -- as in Free Will -- will not do. Why? Simply because the ones doing easy, i.e., doing stupid -- will not Will.

Here's some more truth for you. Evil Invades, Only If We Evade It.

Let's Eviscerate some...Ah, come on, we'll have some fun!


A few weeks ago, after posting an introduction, of sorts, it was relayed to me, from an acquaintance of yours, (who will remain anonymous), Mr. Heyman, that in response to the possible appearance of Warrior at ECW, you stated -- excuse me if I don't quote this verbatim -- "...it's a possibility, but it's a better possibility if he [Warrior] considers jobbing to Taz..." Well, yes, I see, we all have our moments where we fade in and out of lucidity while soliloquizing during a reverie we have while walking about the dandy-lions, now don't we? Or maybe it was that your insulin levels were out of whack from eating, what is it, Whitecastle or Krystal Kreme? To quote another arteriosclerosis candidate, Louie the fat comedian, more bluntly says "Excuse me for sweating, if I don't, I'll explode."

Seems, I seriously misunderstood your desire to do the right things to succeed, Ultimately. Then again only the rare ever really understand the meaning of true success. You see, it's not the "job" thing that bothers me as much as the quandary I have about why anyone, with reasonable intelligence, would want to devalue -- immediately, as if test driving -- an already established, marketably appealing persona in this business. Besides, is a job really a job when the world knows it's a job? You see, I used that position to my advantage already.

Anyway, the whole suggestion of it, as a first response in a discussion discussing possibilities, seems, from a larger business perspective, oddly rash and imprudent. I did, however, hear that you had no qualms and, even, found it quite fitting to exploit the very thing, you felt fit to belittle, in a spot for a 1-900# line. You know, if I had a nickel for every 1-900# call that lured callers with "something warrior", "something ultimate" or "former, long-seen WWF champion or superstar" (the thing worthless to everyone of you experts) I'd have more nickels than all the other dollars I made! It vexes me that people, "for whatever reasons", justify doing so. Keep the money, obviously, you need it worse than I do -- or is that better than I do? Guess that depends on how you define success and wealth. Probably like most others. Wrongly. There are many more empowering things than money with which to negotiate deals with. You showed you don't have that kind of vision.

I'll give you a pass on the comments you made in a local New York newspaper. Something to the effect, "I'll give him (me) 30 seconds with one of my guys and see if he (Warrior) last." Really? 30 seconds? Wow, I've never felt like such an opening match type of guy.

Of course, if you want to stick your foot in your mouth again, I accept.

You made the offer, these are the basic, not to be changed, terms. I enter the ring, one of your guys enters the ring; we both get in the ring. The bell rings -- struck by an impartial bell ringer. The clock begins -- time kept by an impartial timekeeper. 30 seconds later if I'm still standing, in the ring, I own your company and get the proceeds from the gate, minus $26.89 for your cab fare, a jelly-filled and a cup of Joe, black without cream. If I lose, I become, immediately, the biggest fool in this industry and you keep the proceeds from the gate. We communicate through representation to set a mutually agreed upon date. All other details of prearrangements and legal matters for assuredness are handled by attorneys. You made this statement and these are my terms. I'm done with it.

Point to be taken, you disrespected me as a person, a decent person, not just as a valuable talent in this business. I never do that. Never. Yet, what else but disrespect could it be? We don't know one another well enough -- personally or professionally -- to be doing an impromptu "worked" tete-a-tete. I've always made a point of respecting the guys who work in this business -- no matter their position or pay. Yet, when a man -- any man -- acts disrespectfully, he deserves to have it handed back to him.

Under a microscope, everyone has, at one time or another been misunderstood for being an a'hole. And sure, you can find someone who may have not gotten the autograph they were seeking or didn't get out of me conversationally what they would have liked. But there's a huge difference between Disrespect and Determination to Succeed or being Rude and being Ready to Get the Job Done or being Petulant and being Prepared to Perform or being Brash and being Boldly Set On Your Sights or being Smart Ass and being Serious About What You Do, and on and on. My absences and sporadic appearances in this business have, unfortunately, mischaracterized me, both, professionally and personally.

You see, I am the Master of My Universe. Unlike others who swallow more than just their pride (use your imagination) because their life outside the business is a wreck. There are some who are not afraid of what tomorrow brings because they believe in their abilities enough that they don't have to eat the wrongful Sh#@ they get handed to accept. I am one of them. Excuse me, but, I have a hard time make-believing it's a chocolate bar from Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory, when it's really just another chaw of Sh#@ from the "We are Working on Own[ing] Your Life" Factory. There's a huge difference between being Empowered -- and an Empowering Example for others -- or just being Slavishly Employed.

Others won't say it, but I will...

I've always recognized that there are better "workers" -- as in technical wrestling skills -- in this business than myself, Hulk Hogan, Randy Savage, Sting, Lex Luger, Nash, Sid, and on and on and on and on. I've always been self-effacing about this. While others, envious and insecure, get offended by its truth. Some have the charismatic quiddity that it takes to succeed and some don't. I didn't make the rules, that's just the way the rules are. What, am I supposed to apologize for succeeding and confidantly recognizing that I did? Does Michael Jordan refuse to be paid just because he has more money than all the other talent on the court? If others don't like the rules and want change, the buzzword, so I hear, is "union." Form one. Although, Self-Respect will get one further than any damn group or organization will if you'll give your Self some Respect. Be courageous enough to stand up and say something. Or make yourself different, like I did. There are dozens of guys who can do twisted and corkscrewed double and triple hanger launches or whatever they may be called, but, there are also dozens of guys who didn't make an extreme habit out of dietary disciplines and training sessions -- without abatement -- to maintain a physical presence and package of energy par excellence. I worked hard and smart to make the Warrior persona the ne plus ultra of the Industry at the time. That separated me from the rest of the pack and, as a consequence, I created a niche in the business for myself. It's obvious from the size of your, and most people's, ever-swelling cheeks -- both sets -- that you and they wouldn't understand this kind of discipline at all. Nor did dozens of guys make the effort to don more than the same pair of smelly trunks they started the business with or try to evolve their characters over time, stylistically, creatively or otherwise. I'm fed-up with the line that Warrior can't be understood. Someone obviously understood, I got over, others didn't. I always have, every single time. It's easy to substantiate, go look at the facts. If you don't understand, you don't want to understand.

However, I'm a secure, objective thinking man. If you are of the opinion my wrestling persona doesn't find a page in your black book under "T" for top talent or "C" for cool or "E" for entertaining or energizing or "H" for headliner or "B" for bad ass or "M" for moneymaker, fine, but if you or anyone else think sloppily spewing lies or taking unwarranted, "not having to be answered to" potshots will belie the truth of my career, you are sadly and stupidly mistaken. You, Paul Heyman, showed your gumbo, exponentially spreading ass and immaturity in what you said, while at the same time dropping "what if" innuendoes to make a buck or two. Best make it while you can. Soon, the marquee may say "Talent Vacated" or "Paul Heyman -- DOA, His Blood Would No Longer Flow." Either way, success won't linger. Your comments and actions are dishonorable and tasteless. Immoral. And respectable men don't behave like that. Of course, your response will be, "Who ever said I was respectable?" Now, we know for sure. No one need ask again.

As for my WCW appearance. There are some things that are simply out of one's control.

The success of anyone in this business depends on many factors, from little things of major importance to big things of minor importance. The entire gamut. Everything from whether or not guys will take a damn bump for you, all the way to getting, even, if you can believe this, some time wrestling on TV! There's a novel idea!!

Although it wasn't widely advertised I tore my bicep at War Games. Tore it completely at the proximal end, up at the shoulder. I stayed positive from the moment it happened, even though it prevented me from immediate full-scale in-the-ring activity. From the moment I had it repaired I started my physical and mental rehab to insure that I'd be ready best as I could for the PPV @ Halloween Havoc only five weeks away (even though I was told to leave it in a sling and keep it immobile 24 hours a day for 8 weeks). The reason why it was not widely talked about was that I did not let it become a negative or a deterrent to meeting my obligations, although, many have taken months off for lesser injuries. Just ask around. Each day for approx. 5-7 hrs I worked out with a rubber hose, so as to keep as much muscle size as I possibly could. Physique -- anatomically and mobility wise -- being a major part of my gimmick. Doing thousands of reps with a stretchy rubber hose is not the same as progressive resistance with weights, but it sufficed. I'm proud of what I did.

Furthermore, after the way less than stellar match at Halloween Havoc with Hulk (It takes two to tango, ladies and gentlemen, and yes, I was not 100%) I suggested, adamantly and sensibly, that I be allowed to simply get in the ring with anybody or anyone simply to have matches, no matter the finishes, to get back in the groove, get the cobwebs out. Not only had I just recovered from major surgery (in no less than miraculous time), I'd been out of the business for another two years. My sh#@ happens in the ring, not in the locker room. Just getting in the ring to be a ratings booster for the next two months of the contract, even when I was not obligated to do so, made great sense. That request was denied, and no reason ever given as to why.

It's funny how under the spotlight of cynical criticism "I" was to be wholly responsible for drawing numbers. OK, fine. To that, I say, look at the launching pad of the first 15 minutes when I, again, reappeared after years gone. Nobody does that. Nobody. I say, go look at my segments. Check the numbers. And those high rating numbers when I was on the screen reflect my being little more than a mannequin participating in a plan that had less direction than a gaffed balloon let loose in a 100 mph wind. No, the truth is not always pretty, but, ugly, can be beautifully humbling, as well.

I've never professed wanting to be a full-time promoter, booker, production crew, etc. and never got hired to do any of those jobs. And when you can't get simple cooperation like having a guy take a bump for you, who in a previous hour's television segment looked like he was trying to walk on banana peels, but now says "back-surgery is imminent," causalities -- independent of an organization's success -- are awry, and riddled with misguided summations. Different than all the Einsteins erroneously posit, getting television time depends on being allowed television time. Deny it if you will, but that's the truth. My character is over -- will always be -- and whatever I can do to make it more over I've always been eagerly willing to do.

My contract with WCW expired 12/31/98. The last time I had any words with Eric Bischoff, the boss, was the Phoenix television the night after Halloween Havoc. Practically two months before the end of my contract. Not one phone call did I receive after the last commendable words I had with Eric in a dressing room @ America West arena. And any businessman worth his paycheck gets what he paid for -- his money's worth -- and never lets a possibly workable deal for the future just die.

Of course, all this is in the past. In the pasture of the past, I retire it. In hindsight, as I said a couple posts back, organizationally, WCW was -- and likely still is with the recent change of command -- being run off the cuff and confusably. I did not get, @ WCW in แนธ, the creative time or support I was promised. And that, in, both, some minds and some ways -- none irrevocably --may have slightly tainted my television image. If that was the intent of some masterplan, I do not know. Was there some furtive plot? I do not know. Maybe, maybe not. And after the last two years of the company flipping and flopping about like a fish out of water, and the recent removal of Bischoff, I'd say the only plan, all along, for everyone, was to have no plan at all, and if anyone started one run for the hills. And, that, no one except Eric could have controlled. That was Eric's responsibility. Good thing someone from Turner's Organization came down out of the hills.

Maybe it is a politically different business today in more ways than I know. If it is, I don't want to know, and I find it hard to believe. I've never been envious or leery of those who are hungry enough to be the best they can. It's the ones who aren't willing to do, all by their own efforts, what it takes to make themselves the best that you have to watch out for. They are the backstabbers. I never played the politics or never developed a fetish for toe cheese or adolescent boys or a fondness for perverted old men to get where I went. Or take a dump in some other talent's bag or destroy their gear to be radical and cutting-edge. And I never had to f' someone [over] to get the spot I had. A place where few others will ever go or ever see. There are those Who can Dream, yet, Few to Fulfill the Scheme.

Frankly, it's an outright shame that an already established, and over, persona who wants to make the efforts, mentally and physically, to be a thinking hero and role model for the youth of today is ousted. Believe me, that crowd is out there and could be a powerful voice and consumer of what wrestling can offer. My character could capture it like no other can.

All that said, sure, I'd like to be an active, regularly televised, in-the-ring participant in the business today. And given the right opportunity and the right ideas -- maybe ones I'll create Independently -- I have and can rise to any challenge. Any. But I'd rather be full of myself than somebody else and I'm not willing to sell my principles to any dishonest, Machiavellian storekeeper. And in today's business, refusing to hang out at the hotel bar after the matches with the gang shoveling Sh#@ and egos can be a career killer. And I said Rise to any challenge, not lower.

The Wrestling World has not seen the Last of Me.

Couple more bits...

Brief comment on the recent caustic attention Jesse Ventura has had lambasted at him.

Although I dissent with Jesse on some of his specific views, as they relate to, both, worldly and personal matters, I do find his vigorous honesty refreshing. And honesty to that uninhibited degree, even if, personally and contextually unappealing -- even appalling to some -- is a virtue to be, if not admired because one cannot separate the subjectivity from his own judgment, then, at the very least, respected on objective grounds all alone. Pure honesty is pure honesty.

What I find more appalling, and "see-through" revealing is the hypocrisy and "always unapproachable and undebatable" dishonesty of the religious masses who live their lives for a dogma that claims "no humanly human judgment" and "absolute forgiveness", just to name a couple edicts. Seems, now, better than any other time, would be a "God-perfect" Opportunity to genuflect in unison to show in act what they profess to think and believe. Yet, contrarily, from what I've seen, Jesse is officially off the prayer list.

At any rate, please don't misunderstand me. I'm not offering to take up arms in defense of the pious or argue for Jesse's salvation.

I agree with Jesse, Organized religion is a sham, and at its worst, a calculated lie -- in most quarters. Has been for centuries. This characterization does not apply across the board. Good-intended people who share time together committed to like-faiths, discussing virtuous thoughts and performing virtuous acts get a pass.

The others...At its best, it is a Life-and-Death fearing dogma indoctrinated into the minds of people by Unprovable lies and rhetoric. I suggest anyone who doubts that, and is ready to write their own tough-love biblical bloodbath -- such as many of the Bible's writings are -- switch the concepts of Faith, Falsity and Fiction for Find Out, Fact and For Real. Take an afternoon and read "Age of Reason" by Thomas Paine.

This brilliant, perspicuous thinking man was historically influential and hugely instrumental in heralding the message that lead the cause of this country's Freedom, and its importance in our becoming a Sovereign nation. That is, The United States of America. His powerful and veracious writings, seminal as they were, rallied our nascent nation and an enthusiasm for the truth, hard to find since. His role as a writer, communicator of the written word, and absolute refuter of that which has long been held true is Inimitable. Read the Book, and bring along your Bible; therein, lies all the evidence one needs to extract and expose the lies and fabrications.

Look, God has many faces, in my book the stars could be his freckles for all I know. Yet, good stories with years to unfold are always held the tightest. Do any of you who claim to know everything about this God dude even know that the Universe is over 13-15 Billion years old? Are any of you even aware how quickly this Universe is expanding in size? By the speed of light years! And a light-year is the distance that light travels in one year - about six trillion miles!! And you, YOU think YOU got it figured out in a lifetime that last less than 100 years, and every time you need to travel two blocks you drive a car! Talk about arrogance.

God made man to live up to his nature, not dumb it down. There are too many people walking with their heads in a hole or holes in their heads. Why is OK to follow what we know is true only when it fits our purpose? Why is it OK to do what is wrong when it is a choice that we can, either, approve or deny simply by using our Strength of Will to do so?

And can I ask the simplest of Questions? Who is buying all those Playboys to read? I'll tell you who. Guys who you see all day long in their three piece suits and have a wife and kids at home. Guys respected and thoroughly trusted by their community. Guys who Preach the Gospel and guys who listen to the Preaching of the Gospel. Guys who sit on the local boards of local committees and local schools where your children go -- or will one day -- and make decisions that affect your neighborhoods, your societies. Guys who say they love their wives and their kids but screw their secretaries. Guys who, outwardly and publicly, live one life, and, inwardly and secretively, live another one he's not proud enough of to show. Remember, a person's true character is revealed by what he does when no one is watching. Guys who...and I must say this for it is true and I'm really sick of the liars, the hypocrites and the cheats, guys who buy the Playboy to somehow pleasure themselves...Guys you're shaking hands with. Well, that's enough. Matter-of-fact, it's way too much. It's disgusting. And of course, it never bothers anyone until it hits close to home.

When human beings don't act like humans beings, how the hell are we to expect men to act like "man," and expect young men to grow into responsible adults when they get the mucked-up messages adults give them? I mean, how do people look at themselves when they, themselves, play God. And these same individuals are crying out about the crimes of honesty! Man, give me a break. I mean, are you, in fact, saying it's OK to condone -- and as a consequence, financially support -- pornography, but we can't tolerate someone who tells the truth? Who are the ones that always say we must be Tolerable? The same ones -- always the same ones -- who are absolutely and utterly Intolerable now. Isn't it time we started acting according to our potential? Isn't it time we act like complete human beings? Isn't it time man starting acting like man? Why does the human fallibility factor always have to be used to make excuses about what we are, instead of being used as an incentive to prove, to ourselves and others, what we can really and awesomely be? Till the next time...

Gotta go. Always Believe, Warrior.

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