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Last updated 21 April 2015

Jesse Ventura: My Wild Life Of Sex, Booze & Drugs

By The National Enquirer

He tells all in shocking new book

Name a politician who admits he slept with (many) hookers, belonged to gangs, smoked - - and inhaled -- pot, guzzled booze and gobbled steroids.

Hint: He's the governor of Minnesota . . . Jesse "The Body" Ventura.

"I have nothing to hide, I am who I am," he writes in "I Ain't Got Time to Bleed," his shockingly candid new autobiography.

"I got elected governor just by being who I am . . . I have very few regrets."

The Navy SEAL turned- wrestler and movie actor who became famous for wearing tie-dyed tuxes, feather boas, earrings and wild sunglasses began boozing as a kid. He also ran with a gang in Minneapolis called the South Side Boys.

At 16, Ventura began a longtime obsession with sex, pornography and prostitutes -- and was the first in his gang to lose his virginity.

Ventura was already drinking, smoking and listening to Led Zeppelin when he discovered marijuana at $5 a bag.

FAST FACTS: Jesse's real name is James George Janos -- but he changed it when he decided to become a professional wrestler.

He skipped college and enlisted in the Navy. On a whim, he tried out for the Navy SEALs and made it.

Duty took him to the Philippines where he got hooked on hookers. The buff, 220-pound, killer Navy SEAL was in heaven in the town of Olongapo

"In Olongapo, there's a one-mile stretch of road that has 350 bars and 10,000 girls on it every night," he writes. "It was paradise."

Back in the States, Ventura frequented the Starlight and Moonlight Ranches in Nevada, where prostitution was legal. A trick cost $10-$15 and Ventura was a steady customer.

When he left the service, he spent nine months riding with a rough motorcycle gang out of San Diego called the Mongols. Then he went home to Minnesota and enrolled in college.

There, Ventura worked out furiously bulking up his body and chomping down steroids. His buff body and zany behavior led to a career in pro wrestling, radio and movies.

His break came when an agent cast him in the film "Predator," starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, who became a close friend.

Today, Ventura has toned down his act and is determined to be an outstanding politician.

Ventura said, "I'm an ordinary guy who went for his dreams and made them happen. I'm no golden child."

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