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Last updated 1 April 2000

Ahhh, to breath freely. No need to SPEAK TO ME WARRIORS, I have been hearing you. And what I have to tell you cannot be held back by not being in the wrestling ring. This ought to hold you for a while. Eat, warriors, eat.

And to think Terry Bollea had the audacity to embarrass himself by saying I was "one-dimensional". Oh, BROTHER. You let the World down, Terry, when you did what was easy, instead of challenging. Naked before the world you are, and like your bald head, uncovered and revealing will your lack of integrity forever be. I mis-respected you. But, integrity will not grow where roots can't take hold. You were never but a put-on of what Hulk Hogan pretended to be. When was the last time you grew? As a man? As an adult? As a hero? As a leader? As a role model? Who are you really?

I am proud of my growth. As a Man. As an Adult. As a Hero. As a Leader. As a Role Model. As a Warrior. I am Warrior.

After much consideration in thought and warrior-like work on many letters and essays on all kinds of topics, I've decided to put off making any extensive posts at this time on matters related to wrestling. I've no answers for the multitude of questions that I receive asking this and that about the business. Anything I say only becomes fodder for speculation. I've more important, and enjoyable, things I like to do. There's much to learn about in this vast world and I find it concerning so many wish to waste any of their time on one subject alone or doodling around with rumors, instead of the truth. The truth is I've no answers to give. No surprises to spring. About wrestling, that is; the industry overall or any part I may play in it in the near or far-off future.

Different than some may think, my absence from the business has not caused me to become a responsible adult. It is being a responsible adult that has caused me to be absent from the wrestling ring, the business of pro-wrestling. Ultimate Warrior will always hold a special place in the mind and hearts of his fans. If he never returns to the ring so be it. No one is more saddened by that than me. No one is more let down than his fans.

I want to take one more moment to make a quick note, first, in response to all the wonderful mail I've received. Thank you. If I were to say it a million more times it would not be enough. There are never too many times we can thank others for the great things -- big or small -- we appreciate they have done. Never. Thank you again.

We fast-forward through our days trying to find time to squeeze it all in, and ironically, trying to make even more room to make more squeeze, as it is. One of the traditional things we can always do -- infinitesimal time is required -- is extend courtesies like Hello, How are you?, Have a great day, Thank You, You're Welcome, Excuse Me, etc. when we are dealing with others. At least until they show they are unworthy of such treatment. Then just leave people like that alone. Yet, most everywhere you go today, people are just plain and hurriedly rude. And you adults out there, set an example. Take the time to correct the youths you see acting without common everyday manners. The influential popularization of ill-manners and bad behavior otherwise by highly rated forms of entertainment is no excuse for those of us who do know better to just shirk it off with a "What does it matter anyway?".

Don't capitulate and not make a stand. Let us not forget, An Example Set is an Example Followed. Moreover, Project Warrior is more than just an Attitude, it's an Awareness of the World you live in and an Active Attention given to the things that are not right when you witness them. Have some courage. One individual, brave enough, can make a difference; a world of difference if he sees it that way.

No, it's not a law, punishable by fine or penal servitude, that you have to do any of this, but the not-doing of it is a clear sign of people's negativity, disrespect and banal attitudes about life. I still address people I do not know as Sir or Ma'am, and if I can do it as an adult, then young people can learn these lessons too. Somehow, simply being congenial translates to today's generation that you have surrendered your Individuality. Or that you are acting Uncool. There's a difference between UnCouth and UnCool. And the bottom line is, all the perfunctory dismissal of what has become culturally accepted as the "Unimportants" is inextricably tied to the general apathetic condition of society. Just thought I'd mention it and this...

I am Impressed and Inspired by the Thinkers who take the time to write me at Warrior Web. Which reminds me; as it was once said and recorded:

"There is no expedient to which a man will not resort to avoid the real labor of thinking."
Sir Joshua Reynolds

He was right. And what he wrote is more largely true today. But of course he knew not of the coming 21st Century's World of Warriors. Let us correct him:

"There is No Expedient to which a Warrior will Not Resort to Challenge the Labor of Thinking." Warrior Wisdom

That said, I do the best I can to answer most mail, but I cannot answer it all. And, it's important to me that all of you who have written -- some at considerable time and effort -- know I know about your mail and I appreciate it. All of it that is Inspiring, Inspires me. All of It.

Frankly, when I come in here to post, I am at a major disadvantage. I don't have the skills to type as fast as I think. I want to post more, but I can' t. I must always be brief compared to the length I'd like to respond; and for those who know, my brief can be verbose. Maybe even a little over-ambitious. Doesn't matter though. It's more important that we do write, not how we compose our initial efforts at regular writing. And don't get me wrong. I'm not softening my stance on the fundamental skills of good, readable writing. Those who know, know I'm big on spelling and giving your best attempt at grammar, etc. I, myself, am learning all the time. But, I want you to be more of what you can be, not stay stuck in the thinking of what you are not yet! Writing is good for you. For it is my belief: for every writer there will be a reader. As the warrior writer says, "If I Write It, They will Read." Warriors live the whole of their life striving to be better at all they do. But you can't get better at anything if you do not start! It is important to me to take my best crack at trying to be as clear as I can. And when the topics you are discussing are important to how people think about their lives (the thing most important), it is even more important to be clear. With me working on many things at this time what I thought I would do is post more aphoristically. (aphorism: a terse saying embodying a general truth, or astute observation.) Well, OK, the terse will be challenging.

Many of the topics Project Warrior will discuss, at a later time, are brilliantly said in books you can find and read now. And for those interested in being pointed in the right direction, you can start with either the "Gateway to the Great Books Collection", a 10 volume set of books; or go directly to the "Great Books of The Western World", a 61 volume set of Books. These writings will rule my reference, my desire to continue seeking out knowledge of all kinds. Where can you find them? Well, the entire set(s) can be acquired @ Encyclopaedia Britannica or you can read the books by the individual authors one at a time, even go to your library and check them out. Now there's a novel idea! Going to the library. Everyone is looking to get high, charged-up or turned on to the next "Stim", i.e., stimulation. Believe me, there is more energy, excitement and enthusiastic adventure inside the cover of a Great Book than there is on any television program or in any video game. Of course, there are thousands, millions of great stories to read. On any one topic alone you can find hundreds of books, if not thousands. (There are 50,000 new books published every year!) A thorough listing of authors and titles can be found in another "must-read" book: "How to Read a Book", by Mortimer J. Adler & Charles Van Doren. (I'll try to dedicate a page listing the "Great Book" titles when Warrior Web is complete.)

"Reading Great Books is like having careful conversations with the noblest of thinkers of past centuries through which they reveal their best thoughts to us."

** I know, I know...to some of you out there Warrior suggesting you read a book sounds stupid, out-of-fashion, old-school and slow. Well, you'd be wrong. Let me tell you the reasons why. First, There is no greater power than knowledge. As it was said by Francis Bacon, "Knowledge is Power." And unlimited learning resources -- start with books -- hold unlimited sources of knowledge, and subsequently, give you Power; make you Powerful. I know that today better than I ever have and know it just as well as anyone else who can, also, know it. For years, without truly recognizing it, Power in my life had always come from having the greatest knowledge, not the biggest biceps. Without ever really understanding it, that knowledge which benefited me the most (i.e., the knowledge of the human body) stirred my interests for greater and greater learning about the human body, training and dietary practices that would make me the most powerful physically. Yet, it wasn't the increases in power physically that gave me greater power for life, it was the expanded knowledge I acquired of physicality that increased my power for life. And that's a powerful thing to understand in helping me relay the importance of learning knowledge to youngsters of all kinds. You see, to a youngster wanting to be more powerful, he equates power with physicality, maturity with muscle and throwing it around. Especially in a world dominated by the idolatry young kids have for athletes swaggering and slugging about powerful physical presences. Today's gang-ideologic culture, also, exemplifies this mentality in a more pejorative way. Power to a kid is synonymous with getting or being physical. It's extremely important to me, as one who does have eyes upon him for what he represents physically, that the beholder of those eyes sees and knows directly from me -- as the idolized powerful physical figure -- that his own mind, primed with knowledge, affords him greater power than his muscle, pumped and muscling. For power is, after all, "the ability to do or act; capability of doing or accomplishing something." And with Knowledge, and what comes with it, Know-how -- that is, "Knowledge of how to do something; faculty or skill for a particular activity; expertise" -- we gain, what? The Power! With the Knowledge We have the Power, "the ability to do or act; capability of doing or accomplishing something."

Expanding one's knowledge in All fields is Always Power, Always Smart. It is never Stupid. Don't kid yourself -- or worse, have someone convince you -- that you are born predestined to learning only so much, or that you are incapable of learning more. Much more. Humans have an illimitable ability to learn. Start with a great book.

Second, I'm an innovator. Trendsetters always are. I have always been out-of-fashion because I start things, I don't saddle along side-by-side with what has already been done, currently fashionable. I am not a follower. Learning and intelligence is currently unfashionable, but mark my words, in the next generation learning standards and educational methods are going to drastically change. Take it from me, Learning is ultra-cool and Intelligence is an inimitable way to write your own ticket in life. Project Warrior is readying itself for those times. Those times can be now for you! Pick up a book and start pumping up the power of your mind!!

Third, Old school education is better. 30 years of New school education tell us so. The Revisionist educations kids are being taught are ludicrous, insidious and ill--serving for the entire country. The Ritalin babysat classrooms are making the character of today's youths insipid, far from intrepid. We are building in this country entire generations of idiots and idiotic behavior. Teachers today, for the majority, can't read, can't write, can't spell, can't teach -- CAN'T EVEN PASS THEIR OWN ENTRANCE EXAMS! And the unions prevent the concerned citizenry from even holding them accountable. Students stay stupid (devoid of knowledge) when they don't get the teaching they need to have. Old school educations used to do, consistently and regularly, what they had, needing-to-keep-the-job, to do -- TEACH THE STUDENT. Any education that feeds feelings, instead of thinking, puts this country -- founded by thinkers, exemplary -- and our lives, your children's and the future generations of those holding the eternal fire and flame of your name, your own heritage, at perilous risks. **Note: this topic, alone, deserves book length discussion to do it any justice. For those books, and their detailed discussions, and while we are mentioning, both, education and justice, I suggest, for any concerned parent or other who finds these topics interesting, reading any book by William J. Bennett; former Secretary of Education and Chairman of the National Endowment for the Humanities under President Reagan and Director of the Office of National Drug Control Policy under President Bush. All his books are gems. Put aside any political bias you may have. Your kids deserve better. Mr. Bennett's books are not the anathema spew-sputtering scribes feel-gooders of the overt liberal-mind aversely and artfully assert they are. They are great.

And finally, for anyone who thinks this Warrior is slow or old, I'll smoke you, just pick the day. I got your puke bucket at the finish line -- finished and waiting for you while I read a book. All the warriors do. Just start.

** Which takes me to what I will say next: Read and Write. That's right, READ and WRITE! ALL THAT YOU CAN! No matter the initial difficulties you may have or the mistakes your writing may have, just do it and do it as often as you can. Doing it well, doing it excellently is learnable. But not if you do not start. As it has been said, "It is certain you will miss all -- 100% -- of the chances that you do not take." I, myself, get flack from people who don't understand what I write at times. That's OK. I can read things I've written in the past and say, "You know Warrior you could have written that better." and I say to myself, "Great, next time I will!" and if it doesn't happen the next time I'll just keep trying if you don't mind. And you no what? My mind doesn't mind! Matter-of-fact, it always says "Have at it, give it your best warrior effort!" Your mind won't mind either. Buy a Dictionary! Get a Thesaurus! Look up words! Learn your words! Say what you mean! Mean what you say! Knowing how to use the English language can give you the ability to write your own ticket in this world. So sharpen those pencils and get out those books and writing tablets and read and scribble, read and scribble, read and scribble! Oh, look at the masterpiece you're reading and that you've written!!

** I've been asked, "Are you religious, Warrior?" Well, let's see; according to my dictionary the first definition among 10-11 others in Webster's Unabridged (although I'd love to have the 20 volume OED; by the way, a great book to read: "The Professor and the Madman", a story of about the awesomely devout commitment -- a 40 year project -- and the somewhat strangely arrived at relationships during the creation of the OED) the definition of religious is: "pertaining or concerned with religion". So let's look at religion, it states: "a set of beliefs concerning the cause, nature and purpose of the Universe, esp., when considered as the creation of a superhuman agency or agencies, usually devotional and ritual observances, and often containing a moral code governing the conduct of human affairs". So yes, I am religious. And naturally, I did not just realize this. I did it to make a point. Socrates did something similar, as well...

Socrates approached them with his simple air, his daemon, and his irony, which Madame Dacier has so extolled. "My friends," said he to them, "one word, if you please; a man who prays to God, who adores Him, who seeks to resemble Him as much as human weakness can do, and who does all the good which lies in his power, what would you call him?" "A very religious soul," said they. Socrates pursued more "very well; we may therefore adore the Supreme Being, and have a great deal of religion?" "Granted," said the two Athenians.

The point being: there is a difference between religion or being religious and organized religion or being a part of organized religion. I am a deeply religious person and very spiritually natured. I believe most people are. And that's why even more so, people need the proper information before deciding, knowledgeably, on issues that directly affect their lives every day. But I also think most people, commonsensically, see with their own eyes, and witness, intuitively, with their own minds the morphic hypocrisies and contradictions organized religions maintain. I believe we are all part and parcel of a Masterplan; its purpose is played out in the Freeing of Your Life, not Constraining It. Of course, Freedom (for the human being) is, both, a privilege and obligation. Privileged you are to live with Freedom -- Free from the infringement and constriction by others; Obligated you are to rationally and respectfully return the same.

** Language -- as in the specific words we use -- defines the Universe. Universe being in its literal definition, "Everything, all that there is." Words mean. Words mean things. Etymology is the record of this. It gives us the history of a word and it's derivation. Words were created to serve a specific, defining purpose. Today the English language has been adulterated to such a degree that most of us were never taught well enough the use of words to accurately use them as they are intended to be. But as you'll come to know, it is never, never, ever too late to start, accurately, doing so. Many more discussions will follow on this interesting topic; I, too, am enjoying the learning.

** For now, I wanted to make the point, as we can see from the example above, organized religion and being religious are too different things. How many times have you been made to think uncomfortably -- worse, made to feel uncomfortable -- when asked "What Religion are you?" Truth is, many of us are religious but do not know how to say that we are without thinking we must formally follow organized religion to be religious. That is wrong and it is largely because of the influence organized religion has long held and still places on Society and Mankind. Do you know what a Deist is? Do you know what a Pantheist is? Go find out. I think you'll be surprised to find out that a majority of people could begin here to describe, religiously, themselves. But no one makes these centuried ideas, held and religiously cherished by most of the Founding Fathers of this country, public knowledge. Why? Four words; Free Thinking and Original Sin. Organized religions know that they can't control people with the latter if they endorse or allow the first. Ask yourself, if we did have the answer would there be any need for the church? Organized Religion? It is the mystery that keeps those organizations alive! If we knew for sure the truth is what they preach we would do as is necessary to arrive at such an end result like that of an Eternal Heaven. Would there really be any sacrifice we would not make to avoid an eternal damnation into a fiery hell? And believe me the necessities would not be that we spend our most valuable Creator-given gift and possession, Time, in a quasi-detention hall listening to "How to feign and foist morality while rationalizing immorality" lessons or listening to a sales pitch that we could purchase a Cloud 9 Casita in the Sky by merging a birth certificate into a mortgage with a usury that takes a literal lifetime to pay. And for those who started late we have the "On Death's Bed" Eternity Express plan. Does anyone ever wonder why sinners who suddenly, accidentally, even, suicidally die are never eulogized as if they for certain took the fast track straight to hell? How come the horrors told at a Sunday's sermon don't apply to sinners when the Grim Reaper comes before the Saving has been done? How come no one says, "that person was a nasty S.O.B. and trust me he's a'burnin'?" And the retraction comes directly from the reverend or preacher performing the ceremony. Heck, there have been times when I've thought I was at the wrong funeral. The guy they're talking about isn't the guy I knew. Naturally, I'd not -- if I accepted such lunacy -- want anyone I befriended enough to "take the bad with the good" spending an eternity tending to third-degree burns. The point is, life is an insatiable hunt for answers. The formal rejection and renunciation by the experts -- preachers and pontiffs -- of theologically condemned and unheavenly acts only feeds the main vein of hypocrisy -- it is the Purity of Heresy for human life overall! They are the heresiarchs -- those who perpetuate the lies. Warriors are the heresimachs -- those who war to know the truth. All the Creator wants you to be you can be on the most deserted of islands or while sitting atop the highest tree. If we knew the answer, it'd be as simple as knowing as you do to drive your car on the right side of the road, not the left; and cars in the church parking lot would not be part of the Creator's plan. Organized Religions dread -- with everything thing they are (and aren't) -- that the answer is ever found!

** Organized religions can't agree -- rather, they ostentatiously and traducingly disagree -- on their theological practices. They all -- inside their temples (as if God only resides there) -- preach compassion and forbearance, but on the outside, stir and practice conflict. Each one refuses to tolerate -- even for a moment -- the belief system of another. Religions have for centuries slaughtered one another -- human life after human life -- in the name of the their God and their singularly righteous beliefs; each of their stories apocryphal and unverifiable. How come the masses refuse to see this when it is pointed out? The only reason we don't see more warring as was done in earlier times is just that. Those were earlier, more primitive, more barbaric times. Society civilized is the only reason. Look at foreign countries. When I think of the Creator -- God if that's what you like -- I have a difficult time buying the idea he approves more that people irrationally and uncompassionately kill one another, than he disapproves of people searching for their own answers or having a disparate set of beliefs. Especially positive ones built from the premise, "Wow, the Universe provided is awesome. My being is Incredible. I pledge to be the best I can at all times by using the tool of reason you have provided me with. When I am wrong, I will become right. What I do not know, I will learn. I will not waste the greatness of my life." Besides, via Creation, The Creator provides the School of Life -- the Tools and the Test, but He Alone Holds the Answer Key.

** God. God, The Creator, The Supreme Being, Buddha, whatever term you want to use or think comfortably with, use it. Different theological doctrines approve of it. Makes no difference to God; why should it make any to me or you.? I suspect, He has quite the sense of humor to tolerate the extremist positions of some religious practices. Some religions ordain the elephant to be the Deity. Maybe the Elephant Man was his second coming and we didn't realize it.

** According to the language I know -- The English Language -- any Creation has to be Created. For something to have been Created there has to have been -- demands that there be -- a Creator. So, Whoever or Whatever Created the Universe had a omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent hand in the Creation of Creation, and by whatever theory, creationism or evolution, you adhere to, this Creator, by Creating the Parent Creation, Created all else as a result of that initial Creation. Including Man -- The human being. Creation -- the Creating of anything -- requires the knowledge of what has been created. To Create is to Know. Can't we agree the Creator -- whatever name, whatever face you give him -- knows about His Creation? And if Man is one of those Creations and The Creator knows about Man, then surely He knows what Man's nature and makeup is. What Man is made of and capable of. Man is the Rational Animal of the Animal Kingdom. His ability to Reason (Think, Know and Choose) sets him apart from all other animals Created. The Creator Man-U-Fact[ured] Man this way, purposefully. Only Man is benefited from knowing, using and integrating Facts. God, the Creator -- whoever or whatever image of God we worship or believe in -- that is, the One who created the Universe in its Totality -- is unlikely to be upset if a Man uses his abilities and activates the potential of the Creation the Creator, himself, in fact, Created. That is, the human being lives up to the abilities his nature and makeup provide. Moreover, if I do use, exemplarily, what he Created, how is it I will be Punished? I mean I find it very difficult to imagine/believe -- as do millions and millions of others -- that if a person lives their life striving to be all the Creator of us knows we can be, we are somehow to be punished if we don't follow the doctrines of organized religions. Seems more disrespectful and sinful not to use the Creation for its truly created purpose. What else of do you know -- either in nature or man-made -- that you possess or acquire only so that you cannot use it for the purpose for which it was Created? I thought so. Nothing. The Creator, in fact, Created us just as we should be in order that we could use our Being to live up to the purpose of our life he set forth for us. The damnation is to not do so.

** It was recently relayed to me in a card sent by a man I have a professional respect for that Horace Mann said:

"Be ashamed to die until you have won a victory for humanity."

Isn't being the best Human you can be the greatest victory you can win (and give back) to humanity? Is there a greater victory for Humanity than being the Best Human Being you can?

** Original Sin. Another atrocious reason organized religion is a sham is the idea of Original Sin. The premise is that we are all born guilty, evil and depraved. And the penalty is that our lives are to be lived in penance. How is this? What did I choose to do wrong? Do is the key word here. For we have, by being born, done nothing. Organized religion contends that our free will as a human being gives us the potential to do wrong and that alone makes us Born sinners; born with an innate depravity and tendency toward evilness. So we must live our live atoning for this inseparable blackness apparently in our bodies, minds and souls. Our sin is that we live. Where did this horrific idea come from? What about the opportunity to prove ourselves? What about Innocent until choosing Guilty? Excuse me, but I don't remember choosing to be born or seeing a promissory note with a list of indebted conditions due from my first breath. And look, this subject is very extensive and I revert to what I said at the very beginning: It is disadvantageous to some degree to postulate on subjects so deeply rooted in the mind of man. The answers are out there. You must use your Creator-given abilities and look. Follow what you Can Know, not just what any Joe Blows.

** I include the following from my own search. For I find it so perspicacious. I have not seen it more tersely put with such clarity. The writer is Ayn Rand (died 1982); one of the most brilliant thinkers of all time. Her life exemplifies that there has to be a God, a creator. Her life was a mission of thinking. Although, I do not concur or adhere, in entirety, to her Philosophy of Life, Objectivism. She was also an Atheist. I am not. (Atheism is another conception hugely mischaracterized -- a warped and skewed error peddled and perpetuated -- by organized religionists. Another topic for another day.) Many of the recorded writings of her thinking are impossible to recreate by merely rephrasing what she, herself, has already so clearly said. Read this and think about it:

"What is the Nature of the guilt the Teachers of Organized religion call his Original Sin? What are the evils man acquired when he fell from a state they consider perfection? Their myth declares he ate the fruit from the tree of knowledge -- he acquired a mind and became a rational being. It was the knowledge of good and evil -- he became a moral being. He was sentenced to earn his bread by his labor -- he became a productive being. He was sentenced to experience desire -- he acquired the capacity of sexual enjoyment. The evils for which they damn him are Reason, Morality, Creativeness and Joy -- All the Cardinal Values of his Existence. It is not his Vices that their myth of Man's fall is designed to explain and condemn, it is not his errors that they hold as his guilt, but the essence of his nature as a man. Whatever he was -- that robot in the garden of Eden, who existed without mind, without values, without labor, without love -- he was not Man. Man's fall, according to your teachers, was that he gained the virtues required to live. These virtues, by their standard are his sin. His evil, they charge, is that he is man. His guilt, they charge is that he lives."

Is this not True? The idea of Original Sin simply damns man for the fact of possessing free will. Apparently, he was a moral robot and became evil by acquiring the faculty of moral choice. That depraved notion is simply the condemnation of free will as an evil. How come it is not said we have Original Good? For there to be sin, for there to be Bad, for there to be Evil, for there to be Guilt, for there to be Depravity, there must be -- to determine at all what each Sin is -- Virtue, Good, Innocence, Moral, etc. For, only can something be labeled/titled what it is, if, first we have an alternative to determine what it is not! Otherwise, its title carries no meaning at all, connotes nothing. Our human differentiation is to choose, and the will to decide which choice we shall make. To choose there must be a choice between alternatives. I believe it is (I find it to be) highly unlikely that the one who gave us this sui generis creation of free will would -- or will at a later date -- hold each of us, as earthly individuals, accountable for, number one, the misconduct and misdoing of his first two (Adam and Eve, as the fallacy goes); and number two, the degree of irresponsibility others, we live in the world with, use when putting their own free will to work. Life -- your life -- is much too great and its humanly potentials much too unlimited and unfettered to believe you are living it only to pay a penalty for something you did not do or cannot otherwise be.

** I find it weirdly ironic that, macrocosmically, as in the view of God, the Universe, the Creation, we accept the idea that "Our Heavenly Father" penalizes his Greatest -- most near to potentially perfect -- Creation for living up to its potential, and on the other side of the coin, praises its shortcomings and misconducts -- putatively called human fallibilities. Yet, as Fathers and Mothers of Children ourselves, here upon the Earth, we chastise our children, brazenly, for shortcomings and misconducts when they, often times, do not yet know the difference or better.

** If we are to first believe, then adhere to the stories told, that Man was perfect before he ate from the Tree of Knowledge, and then a man (Jesus) was created in the image of The Creator, God, The Supreme Being, then we must believe Man has the potentiality to be Perfect himself. Doesn't he? And if we are imperfect there is no reason why we can't strive to be perfect. Remember, just as we can't know one (imperfect) unless we can know the other (perfect), we can't be capable of one (imperfectness) if we aren't capable of the other (perfectness). Why, rather than make rationalizations and excuses for choosing wrongly (imperfectly) can't we use our free will to choose right (perfectly)? To be imperfect we must choose to be imperfect. Maybe, no man -- as we know man -- has lived life perfectly. Nonetheless, why can't its ideal -- the apotheosis of Man -- be the ascertainment to which we strive? Original Sin erroneously debases man's outlook of himself and his life. Accepting its notion gives man excuseability ad infinitum to justify any degree of imperfect actions. Original Sin is the weak man's "my arm was being twisted" impunity from self-responsibility and, worse, ever having to hold any self-respect. Discouraged and abject...he never understands the true meaning of Self.

** I do what I do because I believe life has purpose. I don't write to have you agree with me. I write to have you think hard and importantly along with me. Even if your thinking causes me to correct mine. Never be embarrassed to start as a rank novice. There has never been an expert who did not start there as well. The purpose of your life should pressure you. Pressure you into living a life seeking out your purpose. Don't kid yourself, you do have one.

** If something's worth doing, it's worth doing badly...at first. Meaning: There is no shame in being a beginner.

** You are your own man now, and you need to face life without fear and without regret. You can really be anything you want, but you won't be anything if you don't control your doubts and your fears about the life you have ahead of you. Hold your hand up and look at it for a moment. See the fingerprints on your hand? Nobody else in the whole world has ones like yours. Nobody. Your life was meant to be different because you are different. Different from everyone else on the planet. But there isn't any guide book to follow. You have to embrace the unknowns and recognize once in a while there will be some pain, some hurt that goes along with blazing your own trail in life.

** True, what damage is done is done, and maybe it can't be repaired. First, you try if that's what your mind and soul truthfully tell you. If all is irreparable, then you got to regain your confidence as a man of pride and embrace discipline in your life tighter than ever before. Ever before. Once we fall into the bad habit of something the hole just gets deeper and deeper. We have all been there. All of us.

** But that is the thing, once choices are made we have to live with them. No matter the regret; whether it be small or great.

** Knowing life takes living life. Nothing else gives you that lesson. There is no textbook, no voice you will find that has the perfect answer. You are the student and the teacher when it comes to this education.

** To the world of students I say: You're still a student now. Use these years to think hard about who you are and what you want, for the rest of your life, to be. That's a huge decision. Don't take it lightly. Think about what is important at all times. You should be getting straight A's. You know that don't you? What, are you going to tell me it is beyond your abilities? Create your Destiny, don't settle for second best. Let the Leader in you breath, man. You are one, you know. I think it. Isn't that important enough for you to think it?

** The greatest thing I can do is encourage others. That is, when interacting with others, all I really have the power to do. I don't buy the accolades like "Hey, so-and-so, you changed my life." All anyone can do -- at best -- is Encourage others (by Encouragement and Example) to make the changes themselves -- Proprio Motu. I Will Always, in All Ways, work to do so. Won't you? Always Believe, Warrior.

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